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  1. Dan, I wish I had seen this earlier, I work as a PM for a GC in Boston and I just completed a small crash prep course to take the test to be LEED AP. I always troll around this board as I grew up in the area. Very seldom do I comment, but this would have been something I would have been interested in attending. Good luck with the event.
  2. I'm stuck at work and shouldn't even be on this board otherwise I'd look this up myself... but does anyone know how many flights Northwestern currently has through Bradley? And are they in the new Terminal currently? I guess this pretty much assures they'll be in the new on come next summer as I believe that's where the International Check Point is if I remember correctly.
  3. Does someone know the extent of the utility work already done on the site? I have to be honest I'm living out in the Boston area now and haven't been down to the site in atleats 2 years. I know much of the existing utilities was relocated in the 1st phase. I have to assume a lot of the preliminary work will be layout and utlity work. So at the very least even without renderings we'll be seeing stakes indicating building and road locations.
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