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  1. I'm suprised there isn't a topic dedicated to N. Charleston landing the Boeing plant. This is big news!
  2. So is the Old Navy in Cola Place closing or not?
  3. HUH! Old Navy @ Cola Place? I thought it was doing well.
  4. I do not really eat much seafood but I've been told that Hyman's Seafood on Meeting street is the best. I believe what I've been told only because everytime I past the place when I'm in Charleston, the line is out the door and about a block down Meeting st. The website is http://www.hymanseafood.com/. I think Rachael Ray did a segment on Hyman's on her 40 dollars a day show.
  5. I saw that also. Is that going to be M Cafe's second location DT or are they going to close the one on Sumter st?
  6. Did anyone hear that the Ravenel bridge may not hold its title much longer as the longest cable stayed bridge in N. America? From what I saw on the news, a bridge is bring constructed in either Lousiana or Arkansas (I forgot which one) that will span a little longer than Charleston's.
  7. Thanks. Although I think it's a weird place for a neighborhood (hopefully it's not a subdivision). I hope there's some retail in store for the area though.
  8. Since Columbia Place is doing so well, I wonder if they'll bring GAP back. We all know Columbia needs more than one Gap store. Anyone?
  9. Any news on why the land is being cleared on Garner's Ferry road near/on the old dairy farm in front of Bi-Lo. If I'm not mistaken it seems that I heard a while back that there was going to be some type of lifestyle center there.
  10. ^WOW! I hope those are 100% real. They almost look "photoshopped".
  11. No interest is why layways are always a better choice. However, we should stay on topic. Hopefully someone will answer the question that I posted on yesterday.
  12. Does anyone know of any plans to place a second story atop Columbiana? I think it's in need of one.
  13. About time someone realized the crown jewels that SC has.
  14. ^I'd swear that was somewhere in Europe if I didn't now any better.
  15. How would the Jeweler building work for DT in the CBD? The little thing was probably the same size as my childhood bedroom.
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