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  1. I'm done feeling sorry for Southside businesses. The minute a Schaeffer Eye Center went in at the curve, I lost faith that 5 Pts would ever be a true entertainment district again. I'm pretty sure had the owners of various bars and restaurants come to the city and offered to create a district of local places down by the BJCC, the city would have bent over backwards for them. BUT, they didn't -- and I think what's happening is just fair. You can't just sit back for 10 years and do nothing while other cities are progressing.
  2. Well, looks like a decision has been made... http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/inde....xml&coll=2
  3. Which brings me back to why I think this guy that wants to revamp Edgewood should filter his energy into redoing the Palisades and leave the charm of old Homewood alone. The Palisades are in a great location -- but it needs that "something" to become popular again...
  4. I, personally, would hate to see a new airport built, but I would like to see some sort of link between Atlanta and Birmingham, be it a high-speed train or what not. I remember this idea coming up in discussions a long time ago, but of course, it never came to fruition. One thing I do love about Birmingham, is being able to get to the airport in 10-15 mins tops. That's rare these days. I HATED driving to DIA when I lived in Denver.
  5. D&B is basically a Chuck E Cheese for adults. Food and games rolled into one. They had them in Denver, and while expensive, they were a lot of fun. Check it out... Dave & Busters
  6. Well, the city had its chance to pump up Southside a long time ago, but once again lacked vision. Had they made 5 Points an entertainment destination (blocking traffic at night and not allowing things like Schaeffer Eye in the most valuable real estate), and creating a shuttle directly from UAB's campus at night, things may be a little different now. I'm pretty sure both UAB and the city put on blinders to the fact that college students don't drink. And once Highlands was rated the #5 restaurant in the country, the city should have invested more in that area. Period. Now, I haven't been to Columbus to hang out, so I'm not sure how far these "upper income" neighborhoods are in comparison to the nightlife, but if they are a couple of miles, then that's about the same as to Homewood, Forest Park, Redmont, etc., which last time I checked, are "upper income" neighborhoods. If you dispute this, please look at housing prices and check back. Some of the wealthiest people in Alabama live in these areas. Personally, I think the BJCC will need something like a Dave & Busters to draw out of towners in, as, quite frankly the bars in Birmingham suck, with a few minor exceptions. By the way, Nana Funks next to Innisfree -- worst bar on the planet. Birmingham needs more bars like The Garage, The Nick, and Bottletree to ever have a chance. I agree with Leonard23 -- after moving back from Denver last year, the one thing I miss is the CHOICE to go to many places. Birmingham has only a handful of bars. And my final thought is just kind of shoved in here, because I didn't think of it until now, but we also have a huge problem in the fact that so many areas are competing to be an entertainment district. It's not only confusing for tourists, but also expensive. Cabs ain't cheap.
  7. Great. That woman is an idiot. Thanks for the update!
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