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  1. ^Haha. Thought I was the only one. It is weird that it happens every time. When I lived closer, I would ride my bike and had to stop and sneeze for a few minutes then be fine and on my way.
  2. Went to DQ this evening. Had medium vanilla cone, my usual. And still had a major sneeze attack about five minutes after eating it. Which is also usual. Allergic to something. OK! I'm over it. It can go. Maybe somebody will build something nice, to cover the side of the ugly parking garage. I do like the mural. it's one of my favorites that I've seen around the city. So goodbye DQ.
  3. Is nothing sacred? Dairy Queen? I love that place. A true throwback. No pretense about it. A melting pot of people go there. Sure, it could use a coat of paint. I don't know what Jeni's is, but I won't go there. Two Scoops, locally owned or not, is not the same. This news has upset me. Does everything have to be sparkly new. I've seen comments about how Charlotte has no real grit. Well, a run down Dairy Queen that hasn't changed is an example. My day has been ruined.
  4. The area that had all the buildings torn down now has a dog park and some benches at one end. They have used very little of the area as it remains empty. Heard anything Matthew.B. If nothing is going to be there because of the creek then make the whole lot a park/playground. Tennis courts. Basketball courts. Large field sports would not fit there. But a nice play fountain would have been wonderful this summer.
  5. I really have a hard time finding a topic to put info out there and don't want to start a new one. This to me is more of a sad news post. I was going over to Crossland Studios / Architectural Antiques and found out they will be closed in a week and all there inventory has been sold. I have not gone there since I moved back, but when I lived in Elizabeth I bought some things there and really loved to browse the store. So sad that the owners are retiring and the store will be gone. It really was a great store.
  6. Thanks, CLT2014. I thought it would be here. I never scoop anybody.
  7. I was looking for a topic for the Lending Tree building in South End but didn't find one. So if there is already one on here, please delete this. Renderings are in the Observer web site. Looks nice. Getting a little height in South End.
  8. I thought it was going to be Buster Poindexter Hot Hot Hot
  9. Glad that discussion is over. This is not nationwide but every little bit helps. My nephew came here for a visit. Recently divorced and wanted to get away from that mess. I talked to him quite a bit as he went through his divorce and told him to come down. He lives in Pittsburgh. He knew I was not a Nascar fan and made plans to see some of the owners shops while he was here. I didn't have to go with him. I did take him to the Nascar Hall of Fame. He didn't know it was here. His knowledge of Nascar was amazing. He explained some of things we were looking at. Pittsburgh is not a hotbed of Nascar racing and asked him how he learned all this. From TV mostly and my sister. Also a Nascar fan. Anyhow, he had a good time. Loves Fuel Pizza. Also can't get over how clean Charlotte is. I told him to look for a job working for one of the shops. He probably won't do that but will come back. Perception is everything. Even one person at a time. He also wondered how I knew so much about what was happening here. Living here and of course Urban Planet. So thanks, glad you all are here and share your knowledge.
  10. I have lived in Country Club Acres for 2 years. Went by fast. I am amazed at the number of brand new homes being built and the older homes like mine being renovated. Every empty lot seems to be disappearing as fast as I see the lot. A new house went up across Shamrock from where I live and was sold before it was completed. it is 2 story 2 car garage suburban style house. The architecture doesn't match the area but it's a nice looking house. New houses are selling for $500,000. The flipped houses with painted brick exterior and colorful doors are everywhere and new construction is also everywhere. I went up Shamrock towards The Plaza and passed Pikes Pharmacy and across the street (between Ford and Florida) demolition has taken all the building down. I don't remember what was there. It was to far gone to recognize any of it. Never the less the demo created a very large lot that included the empty lot beside it. Anyone know what is being built there. I'm assuming houses or maybe townhouses. No coming soon sign. Also, when I moved here I got a letter from the city the Eastway and Shamrock intersection was being redone. 2 years now and there is no indication that they are doing anything. Also, what is up with Sugar Creek? That has been closed since I have lived here.
  11. Didn't know about that building. Don't go to South Park much at all. When I moved here there was a branch off the Plaza which closed soon after I moved. I knew of only 3 other branches.
  12. Sun Trust doesn't have much presence here at all. The Building in mid town and a few branch banks. I moved from here to Nashville and Sun Trust was everywhere. I thought I was going to have to change banks when I moved back. Wells yes and change the name. Not a good reputation right now. Like First Union to Wachovia.
  13. Thanks ricky_davis_fan-21. I started reading older posts. So, this was going to be Charlotte's Flat Iron building.
  14. I drove by the empty lot where Bayou Kitchen and La Ti Das were located on 7th. When I moved from here, that was a cool little corner. It has been just an empty lot for quite some time. Does anyone know, what has happened here. I hate when developers do this. It has probably been explained here, but I'm to lazy to read previous posts. Has the project been scrapped.
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