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  1. nashbill

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Thanks ricky_davis_fan-21. I started reading older posts. So, this was going to be Charlotte's Flat Iron building.
  2. nashbill

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I drove by the empty lot where Bayou Kitchen and La Ti Das were located on 7th. When I moved from here, that was a cool little corner. It has been just an empty lot for quite some time. Does anyone know, what has happened here. I hate when developers do this. It has probably been explained here, but I'm to lazy to read previous posts. Has the project been scrapped.
  3. nashbill

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Pittsburgh does have a light rail system that is underground in the downtown area. It travels under the Allegheny river to the North Shore where the stadiums are and it comes out of the ground to cross a bridge over the Monongahela river to the South Side. It is not a big subway system, but I think they did it right by keeping it underground in the down town area.
  4. nashbill

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    How about a casino? Cities across the country are building or already have a casino. I was thinking the hotel could be associated with the casino and the enlarged convention center. Of course gambling would have to be legalized. Give the people what they want.
  5. nashbill

    Plaza-Shamrock - Corner of PM and NoDa

    I finally found and bought a house. It is on Shamrock on the Country Club Acres side of the street. Shamrock turns into a 2 lane road after Eastway. I really like the house. It has been flipped and they did a pretty nice job. I am on the edge of Country Club Acres and I like the street grid and connectivity of the area. That is pretty rare here. Nice for evening walks. There is no street parking and no side walk on my side of Shamrock. I think adding sidewalks would make this an even better area. There is a bus stop right in front of my house that is used quite a bit. Kind of reminds me of where I grew up. Got a letter from the city. They are getting ready to redo the Shamrock, Eastway, Frontenac intersection. It won't affect my house, but I am close enough that I will see surveyors in the area. Does this mean they are studying the intersection to make a plan or they are ready to start working on it.
  6. The Brick work done on these buildings is so good. I imagine there are very few people that can do this anymore. Nice photos.
  7. nashbill

    Plaza-Shamrock - Corner of PM and NoDa

    Matthew, good for you. I wasn't sure, but the house I'm staying in is also in Eastwood Acres. The neighbors here are nice enough. I think this must have been a really horrible area at one time. My friends house has 4 cameras and reinforced metal plates on the door frames. The HVAC unit is chained down with 4 locks on it. This came with the house. He must have been very paranoid. I love Lang Van. When I lived here 13 years ago it was really good. Haven't been there yet. Also lived in both Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood for a number of years before being transferred away. Wish I would have kept one of those and rented it.
  8. nashbill

    Plaza-Shamrock - Corner of PM and NoDa

    I am staying at a friends house near the intersection of Shamrock and Eastway. It's about 850 sq ft house on a nice size lot. He bought it for around $80,000. I would say it is a little bit of a sketchy area. My first night here the police arrived about 5 minutes after I arrived. Helicopters with spot lights shining down looking for some one involved in a shooting. But the march of people moving further out because housing in PM and Elizabeth is incredibly expensive. Houses are being flipped here or the property is purchased and the little houses are torn down and $300,000 to $400,000 houses built and occupied. It's quite jarring to go house hunting in this area. I was looking at a small house and the realtor pointed out the house being built next door would sell for $400,000 easily. It was so large there was hardly any yard to it at all. I guess that's a good thing, but affordability keeps pushing people further and further out. I want a small house with a yard for my retirement. I am beginning to think coming back to Charlotte was a mistake. I hate HOA controlled subdivisions and do not want a condo. I thought this would be easy and I would be moved in by now. I am finding this a little depressing.
  9. nashbill

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    It's called the Batman Building. So, we have the good guy. And actually, just moved back to Charlotte a week ago. Now I have to find a place to live. Real estate is incredibly expensive here.
  10. nashbill

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Like the pictures. Is it just me or does it look like the lair for some evil villain that is going to take over the world.
  11. nashbill

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    I'm not complaining. I am just so damn curious. My apologies for sounding like I am complaining. I'm moving back to Charlotte (lived there for 20 years) after 13 years in Nashville. This forum is my life line to a city I love so much, that I am going to spend my retirement years there. I can't wait.
  12. nashbill

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Again, the coyness (is that a word) surfaces. You guys drive me crazy. Just a peek would hold me over until the end of 2016 (so I'm told).
  13. nashbill

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    So, you are being very coy with us. I was all set to be blown away with the design. Now is before the end of 2016.
  14. nashbill

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Is there a rendering of the new buildings? It seems everyone knows something about this project and the design.