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  1. Letty's has managed to stay open. I think it is still take out only.
  2. They have demolished an elementary school (Shamrock Gardens, maybe) on Shamrock, across from Pike's Pharmacy strip center. Anyone know what is being built there? I was by there a few days ago and the only thing still standing was the chimney. Those old buildings were meant to last. Lots of brick debris.
  3. We mere mortals can only gaze upon the beautiful photos Mgelbach. Great work.
  4. I was in second grade, 1962. JFK was in the town next to ours. He was stumping for some one, don't know who. My father thought it was important to see him. We were at the edge of a department store parking lot. Steel mill town 20 miles from Pittsburgh. Don't remember anything he said. But, when he left, his limo went by us very close. Almost got to shake his hand. Never saw another President live. It was the thrill of a lifetime. Also it was a hot afternoon. One of the bars nearby had AC. That was a big deal. They even advertised in front of the bar that they had AC. So, got to see JFK and walk into a nice cool bar afterwards. Does life get any better than that?
  5. Damn Mgelbach, those are some mighty fine pics. I wanted to hit the like button a dozen times.
  6. This article may answer some of the questions. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/227938/what-to-expect-from-the-600-million-seventh-and-tryon-redevelopment-uptown/ The library component looks pretty cool. The 7 or 8 story building with the walk through in the middle also pretty nice. The glass box is underwhelming. It is the center piece and it should command attention. I agree with Spartan, some art deco or neo gothic design would be nice. I always thought BOA Corp HQ and Truist buildings kind of as a matched set. Different, but went well together. As Prince says "Lets get crazy/ Lets go nuts" . An opportunity to build something really cool is right there. I know it comes down to money. Still a boy/old man can dream, can't he?
  7. So, is this project a go now? This came from a Charlotte Agenda e-mail. Am I in the right thread?
  8. I was on South Blvd heading toward uptown Saturday evening around 9:00 PM. I don't remember the bar/restaurant name or it's specific location. When we passed it the sidewalk was packed with people. It scared the hell out of me. Not because there were no precautions for Covid-19, but because at this location South Blvd narrows down and the people were on the curb and one small step would have resulted in a person getting hit by a car. Between the lack of PPE and the location these folks are living on the edge. Is the curfew still in place? What time is it? Also, does the curfew mean crowds like that must disperse or is it just no more alcohol will be served?
  9. I've always said that I wanted to live somewhere where palm trees grow naturally. Guess I don't have to move.
  10. When I first moved to Charlotte back in 1984, Charlotte Plaza building was one of the few taller buildings. I took an immediately liking to this building. The black glass stepping up the building really sets it off. After all these years it still remains one of my favorites. Nice photo KJHburg.
  11. Once again, you guys have some really great talent. I really like this. The lines, the colors, the materials. Who would thought these very different structures would work so well together. Nice job PeytonC.
  12. Kermit, that's hilarious. There is a youtube video about the top ten buildings that resisted selling out and that is in it. Can't find it now, of course. KJHburg, I agree, w/o the Hollywood sign, I don't think Los Angeles would be identified. A building like Sydney's Opera House is iconic and used for it's intended purpose. So, I know it could be a landmark structure or an actual building. I think the Bechtler Modern Art building is one of the buildings that I love. It's unique as far as I know. The problem is you can not see it in a skyline photo. Oh well, just day dreaming.
  13. I wanted to post this somewhere, but didn't know where. I didn't want to start a new topic. This could somehow fit here I think. Anyhow, move this to a better place if there is one. Does Charlotte contain a building or other structure that when the skyline is thrown up behind a news reporter or commercial, it is recognized immediately that it is Charlotte. What I'm thinking about is something like the Space Needle, the Arch, the Hollywood sign, the Golden Gate, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower. I think you may get what I'm saying. It would have to be unique. I have been to the places I mentioned and more, as I'm sure many of you have. Some cities I have been to and not been to, do not have an easily recognizable skyline. I'm thinking Houston, Indianapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Tampa, etc. Some cities have something that I recognize for the wrong reason. One off the top of my head is Jacksonville. It has that building that flares out at the bottom. I'm not hating on Jax, I lived there for a while. But I think this is a butt ugly building. Anyhow, just wondering what you all think. I think we do not. I'd like to see something built here that can be claimed as a structure that says "Hey that's Charlotte".
  14. It looks like I made a mistake. Yo Diaz! your post was the original with the rendering. Sorry about that. Still damn nice building. Can't wait for it to be in our skyline. The change is going to be so dramatic in the next few years.
  15. So glad Kickazzz2000 included the rendering of the building with the photos. I wish a link to the rendering was on the title of each topic. There is so much construction going on, I forget which building is which. Searching back to find a rendering is sometimes a pain in the azzz. Us old guys or maybe just me, need a reminder of what's going in that hole in the ground. That's going to be a damn nice building.
  16. You do realize this means 14 days in your hotel room. They have sent people back for violating this rule.
  17. The other thing that makes this even more pleasing is Gorsuch (Trump nominee) wrote the majority opinion on this. I do not follow Trumps tweets, but I am thinking it didn't make him happy.
  18. SCOTUS has voted that it is illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ people. This is STUNNING news. NC state law goes out the window. i am almost speechless. Never thought I would see this in my life. Things are changing at a rapid pace. And it makes me so happy and gay.
  19. And Trump still refuses to wear a mask. I was half listening/watching TV this morning and Trump was visiting a manufacturer that makes the swabs for testing I believe. As I said I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to it, but every person there had a mask on except Trump. They said after he left they had to throw out anything being made at that time because of his refusal to wear a mask. What a stupid selfish man. He could of worn one those above. Probably would have made the company pay for it.
  20. I think I understand what you are saying TMBK. The top could of had something to make it look finished. Like the dark band along the top of the old part. Still think they did a good job with this. Lighting would be nice as well.
  21. Maybe a waste of money, but still a thrill to see live. When I was living in Nasville, I worked in Smyrna. The facility was across the street from Smyrna Airport. The airport was part of a military base that closed and left the airport to the city. So it has nice long runways for the little airport. It switches between the two every year Blue Angels then Thunderbirds the next. On the friday before the show they were out doing practice runs. Taking a break to go out and watch these guys was a treat. As Tarhoosier said impressive. For all the really idiotic things the government spends money on this bothers me the least. You get to see up close your money flying by. May the Fourth be with you!!!!!!
  22. As far keeping shelves stocked, Food Lion wins as the least well stocked stores. TP, paper towels, napkins, tissues, cleaning supplies, rice, beans, meat, eggs, milk, canned goods, and more. They are doing a terrible job. I don't understand after two months why they are so understocked. There is not a shortage of food, there is a shortage of how to run a business. And they are also terrible about safety. They do not require there employees to wear masks. It's up to the employee to wear a mask or not. After my experience last week I am never going to set foot in a Food Lion. Even after this pandemic is over. Now, I went to Compare Foods. I don't know if all of them are serving the Latino community, but the one at the corner of Tryon and Sugar Creek does. I was pleasantly surprised. The employees were wearing masks. Most of the customers were wearing masks. The produce department was very well stocked. Also, they had so much different fresh fruits and vegetables. And it looked so inviting. A feast for the eyes. It is small grocery store. Maybe a little smaller than Food Lion. I bought mexican toilet paper. Mexican branded rice that was grown in USA and other items while I was there. The selection of different labeled items was smaller, but there shelves were well stocked. Proving you don't have to be a large chain to play the grocery game. Now, I don't want any of you to go there. This is my store, not anyone else.
  23. Really liking this addition. usually no attempt is made to make an addition blend with original or so it seems. This really looks like it belongs to the original court house.
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