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  1. Yeah, why expand the convention center at all, lol. Dreamland BBQ - probably a bad choice - Southside location would likely close. How about something that isn't already in the city center. A concert venue/bar playing up the American Idol connections - I'd recommend thinking post-Idol/Birmingham associations but small club venues and karaoke aren't going away soon. An SEC Sports Bar - surely that would violate NCAA regulations. But sure, a "Hard Rock" of sports bars. A grand meat and three - I'd think some expanding national players are likely, say Smith & Wollensky's.
  2. This is a very positive development, I agree. Very good that it's lead by a private developer, although I wish the mayor hadn't been quoted on the rarity of not granting incentives, lol. Surely this is a working title only. (Houston's comparable development is "Bayou Place.") Off the top of my head, Magic Alley. I always wondered why the Sheraton was such a stepchild in the discussion of a "convention hotel." And here's hoping there's enough business to support that number of hotel rooms year round, as well as existing downtown hotel space; Houston's downtown gained a lot of hotel space in short order after being under-roomed for many years, and a couple of the smaller properties have folded. Now, this was great: I'll be curious to see if a Pat O'Brien's and apartments over retail draw back the Freewills and the Presbyterians.
  3. ...but wouldn't that cause those states to grow also? I think it's more of a "slam the door behind me" mindset, assuming one moved to a region based on its existing amenities it's distressing to see that 'perfect' scenario evolve. God knows, living in L.A., I'd just as soon 2 million people moved out. But I'm part of the problem as well of course.
  4. Agreed, Lakeview & 5 Points are the same "district" in my opinion. Unless the city wants to go all out with Greenwich Village vs. West Village vs. Washington Square style neighborhood naming squabbles. And as you mention this is a very one-dimensional discussion of Birmingham nightlife and how it might develop, considering none of these areas (in my opinion) are particularly strong African-American nightlife zones. If the city does want to go all out to subsidize some dubious "entertainment district," might as well do it in a neighborhood that could really use it, like Ensley (Tuxedo Junction) or Five Points West. Unfortunately I've not spent much time in Tucson - a walk across the University of Arizona campus in 2001, and a stop at a decaying dead mall/outlet center I believe on I-10 West in 2004. Gorgeous scenery.
  5. Then I misunderstood you to mean that Birmingham's nightlife was just too gosh darned spread out. I agree Morris Avenue would make an excellent bar and restaurant zone, and hopefully given the park nearby will become so. Private investment and the city staying out of the way are the answers to that one. And if I understand you, you would prefer not to do so - indicating (to me anyway) adding new options is a zero sum game if and until the population increases. Other districts will lose interest and businesses when new options become available (just look at Birmingham retail.)
  6. Concentrating night life in one area isn't really likely or advisable in my opinion. Besides, how often do people go between nightlife neighborhoods in one night anyway?
  7. That sounds right to me also, although anything's possible with possibly denser development over long timeframes and sunbelt appeal. But I'd think of Miami less resembling New York or London, more like America's Barcelona.
  8. Then, of course, you have a system where you can trade your vote, and that kids is the United States Congress. :-)
  9. Perhaps, but I imagine most executive travel is to their North American headquarters in California & Michigan. Daimler is in Stuttgart actually.
  10. One question. Are there private developers interested in building a new large hotel, to either displace hotel rooms expected to disappear (Redmont conversions, for example), satisfy future demand or because downtown hotels are running at high occupancy? If not, it's because they expect such a venture to fail. Why would I trust the business acumen of Birmingham and Jefferson County representatives over someone betting with their own money?
  11. Thanks Bham Wiki, I checked the information on your wiki, very helpful. I confess I did not/do not have a really specific concept of "Titusville", I was imagining the park to extend waaaaaaay longer than currently planned, that being said, I'm excited about this project for Birmingham. The incidental benefits from this development will last for generations and are priceless (the good, expensive kind and the warm fuzzy kind.) It will be interesting to see how UAB evolves around its "University Green" as well.
  12. I looked for a map online also but couldn't find one. Is there a map of the plans on the web?
  13. Does anyone know if the boundaries of the park will contain the former location of the old Terminal building? I've heard many in Birmingham say it was a terrible mistake to demolish that building. I've only seen a few pictures - it was gone years before I was born - but it did seem to be Birmingham's Grand Central Terminal. I'm unclear on exactly where it was located, but it might bear consideration one day of rebuilding it, either as a transit center, shopping facility, or sports arena.
  14. Why thank you! Actually I give a lot of credit to the councilor who brought it up, even if she's not an engineer she can get that idea into play, see what develops.
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