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  1. Snow at AT&T engineering office on Sherwood Forest Blvd
  2. i don't believe there is a subway station there. would be cool though.
  3. Nice picture Richy, you are right it would be nice if the city could bury those power lines. But being realistic, that will most likely never happen because of the HUGE cost. I know this because I am an engineer for AT&T and I do utility relocations for roadmoves...etc. One project we are currently designing is the relocation of our facilities at Essen and I-10 for widening the interstate. You'll probably see me more on this site since I am out of work for a while due to surgery I recently had, I'm just glad to be out of the hospital. Corey
  4. Cox isn't your only choice when it comes to digital/HD television...I currently have DirecTV and can't wait for AT&T Uverse!!
  5. corey2250

    The Grove

    no work has started, as far as I could tell.
  6. It's been a while since I posted here. Anyone been to the LA State Museum across from the capital?...that place is really neat.
  7. Richy, good shot of the cellular tower disguised as a tree...coming from an engineer. -corey
  8. CSRS-Green Light Plan, you can get more info on the Green Light Plan and view aerial photos with an overlay of the proposed roads. corey
  9. corey2250


    Corey from Baton Rouge.
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