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  1. PortofBama

    I-10 Bridge across the Mobile River

    Thats looks cool !
  2. PortofBama

    New federal courthouse

    The design looks pretty cool to me I hate that it will break the srteet grid I wish it could go up instead but over all it's cool. Where will it be located it would look cool on government ?
  3. PortofBama

    Mardis Gras Park

    I agree with you the civic center site would be nice along with a town center type of retail
  4. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    The Orange Grove community takes up such a huge chunk of land and that whole community can be deleloped into anything but what will they do about the souronding area ? which is full of addicts and prostitutes .So thw whole area would need a face lift not just Orange Grove ! and that would cost a lot of money to do so . I wish tah ta developer would change the orange grove community into what Mobiles old fort conde village use to look like . It use to be just like NO `s french quarter but it's half a century older that would be a nice development for that area. It could have residency, retailshops,parks etc.
  5. PortofBama

    Eastern Shore Developments

  6. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    Good news for Alabama's Gulf Coast andt the state of Alabama : The developement site for the 75 k seat Motorsports park arena will be announced by the end of this month !!! Just about every one who lives on that coastal region supports this good news for the State of Alabama .
  7. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    When will they finally come up with the site for the new race track in Mobile,County. In one of the renderings I saw a theme/water park and mobile county needs one of those badly.
  8. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

  9. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

  10. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    ohhh ok , another huge condo development ,Mardi gras themed park i'm eager to see how this is going to shape up . On Gov St There is a condo development that can easily be unnoticed , but it looks like Brown stones ,the type of apartment housing in NYC it's located between the Taco Bell area and the mansion that line the street on the right side going west bound . Does anyone know the name of these brown stones well if thats what they are
  11. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    Does anyone know when they will be putting a spire on the hotel
  12. PortofBama

    Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

    That would be amazing Gulfshores may be one of Alabama's major cities in the next decade or so
  13. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    ohhh ok then
  14. PortofBama

    Mobile Developments

    Does any one know when will they start builing on the proposed new Federal Court House bldg ?I have seen a pic of it 3 yrs ago and the architecture was stunning and had a futuristic look to it ,as in 40 yrs ahead of its time .
  15. PortofBama

    Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

    the Alabama Gulfcoast region rarely ever get support from B-ham