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  1. Do the economics of major sporting events really add up for the cities that host them? https://youtu.be/74V2duDb4Lo From Business Insider
  2. spenser1058


    I was sad to see this but not surprised: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-bz-porter-paints-historic-sign-20200222-uflrlw5yfbgk7a4yxvxz2tt5le-story.html From the Sentinel Iconic Porter Paints sign to be delisted from Orlando’s Landmark Sign registry.
  3. I was asked here recently about my challenges with Rep. Stephanie Murphy. This sums it up in a nutshell: https://twitter.com/fla_pol/status/1231164353707216896?s=21 Mike Bloomberg is the latest rich guy trying to buy his way into office. That may be the Republican way (we’ve lived with over a decade of that so far in Florida with Rick Scott) but it’s not something we respect as Democrats. As many disagreements as I have with Bernie and his Bros, he has twice now gone through the process and, if he wins, earned the right to be the nominee. All Bloomberg has done is write checks.
  4. We’ll make a Trekkie of you yet! Assuming, of course, as Shatner suggested at a Trek convention, that you have no life... ;-)
  5. Interesting look at growth in Miami-Dade since 1950 from The Jaxson: https://www.thejaxsonmag.com/article/before-after-miami-dade-county/
  6. Meanwhile, here along the Shores of Eola, the oaks are beginning to take on their splendid spring green hues as the new growth explodes among hundreds, nay, thousands of beautiful, living trees. I know which side of the lake I prefer (not to mention my much lower electric bills thanks to the shade the trees provide - but then climate change isn’t real, right?)
  7. How ‘bout our lads beating AAC leader Cincy in double OT Wednesday night at the Bearcats’ house for the first time ever? Charge On! https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/os-sp-ucf-cincinnati-basketball-20200220-gclnxuzmrjbehpg6xgrqtenusu-story.html From the Sentinel
  8. Ya got trouble, my friend. Trouble right here in NeoCity! UCF seeks to cut ties with BRIDG: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/education/os-ne-ucf-bridg-20200220-v2gjn4rjf5btbjgglprzniycqu-story.html From the Sentinel https://youtu.be/LI_Oe-jtgdI
  9. What could be better for our UPers? Transit and BEER! https://bungalower.com/2020/02/18/alert-theres-a-bus-loop-that-connects-local-breweries/ From Bungalower
  10. A neon sign of the apocalypse? Once there’s a 7-Eleven on every corner, the world ends. THAT’S why their tag line is “Oh, Thank Heaven”...
  11. Channel 4 News reports Jacksonville's last Sears at Orange Park Mall is closing. Meanwhile, our Florida Mall store soldiers on...
  12. Redo proposed with City help for law offices at 2600 E. Robinson St.: https://www.thedailycity.com/post/milk-district From The Daily City
  13. Public hearing coming for proposed redesign of Princeton St. and NOBT in the Packing District: https://bungalower.com/2020/02/19/public-meeting-alert-redesign-proposed-for-princeton-street-and-orange-blossom-trail/ From Bungalower
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