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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    So, if not Amazon, how about Apple? Orlando pursues Apple expansion, on heels of Amazon snub http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-orlando-apple-corporate-bid-20180119-story.html From the Sentinel
  2. Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Hey now - The Travelodge ROCKS!
  3. Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    We waited 25 years on the duPont II site and got.... stucco on plywood apartments!
  4. Other Metro Area Projects

    For which we will remember Clarence Hoenstine for his Profile In Courage forever!
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    FDOT may finally have just blown away the opposition with their plans as it's such a large undertaking. This goes back to much back and forth to try and develop a park-like setting all the way around during Mayor Bill's administration. Ironically, this is HIS neighborhood, which made the protests at the time all the more comical. Hopefully, it will all work out although the scale of some of the I4 Ultimate additions is sometimes overwhelming.
  6. Other Metro Area Projects

    If you park an ark next to it, it will make the building look oh so modern!
  7. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The NIMBYs (especially along the west shore) also killed plans for a fountain. It was to be the "Northern Gateway."
  8. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Extreme Action Park or car museum? Which would you prefer? Miami developer buys Artegon Marketplace property http://bit.ly/2mLDQnl From the Sentinel
  9. Just Wow

    A video about the region from OEP. Interesting just how prominent the Space Coast is in it.
  10. There goes Credo at CSS... http://bungalower.com/2018/01/14/credo-coffee-closing-church-street-station-location/ From Bungalower
  11. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    Metro Jacksonville.com has an awesome article about Winter Garden with wonderful pics: https://www.metrojacksonville.com/article/2017-dec-exploring-central-florida-winter-garden
  12. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    More on the E Plant St redo: https://www.orangeobserver.com/article/forecast-behind-the-scenes-work-continues-on-east-plant-street?time=1515617774 From WOT/Observer This could end up being an amazing corridor.
  13. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    We discussed a while back about us supposedly being overly critical on Orlando's plethora of too good to be true projects and it was suggested I was being too hard on these budding entrepreneurs. Just in time for the new year, here's an update on one of the exemplars of the species: https://www.scottjosephorlando.com/news/4191-indicted-mingos-investor-arrested-attempting-to-fly-to-ecuador From Scott Joseph Whether we're talking Rocket City, Glenn Turner's Koscot debacle (and his Seminole County castle!) or World Trade Center Orlando, just to name three, Central Florida has long been a scammer's paradise. The one that was cloaked in all sorts of upscale trappings was downtown's Tradition Towers, which many insisted was a perfectly acceptable project even though the only high-rise project the developer ever completed previously was a college dorm. Look at the track record to find out just how likely something is to come to fruition. It will rarely steer you wrong.