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  1. I would have deferred to @jrs2 on this, but since he seems to be stranded on Southwest or something , I’m pleased to report the ‘Noles are the Cheeziest after defeating sock-boy DG and Oklahoma 35-32 at the lovely Camping World Stadium! *attempts tomahawk chop* (I believe the Florida Seminole Tribes are still alright with its use)
  2. Did you know the UCFMarching Knights have 400 members, one of the largest bands in the country? Charge On!
  3. Our WBB also won again tonight against Texas Southern They’re now 9-3. Is UCF becoming… a basketball school!?! We’ll know for sure when we flip @orange87from UConn <eg>… Charge On!
  4. If that’s true, that suggests they really don’t care enough about the team to follow it. If that’s the case, why are we subsidizing billionaires again, especially incompetent ones whose values are wildly out of sync with one of the nation’s bluest counties?
  5. Florida is atop the list of fastest growing states, but many find they don’t love it when they get here: ‘In May, CBS News called Florida the "least affordable" state in the country, and a 2019 Joblist study that compared wages to cost of living ranked Florida last out of all 50 states in terms of affordability. While Florida doesn't have an income tax, many new homebuyers will face rising property tax bills.’ https://apple.news/AhsjtYISfQhS0jVh0z1-nrw From Business Insider
  6. The granddaddy of them all, WP’s Park Avenue, is becoming an official Main Street District. Mayor Phil Anderson says Hannibal Square and the town’s stretch of Orange Avenue may not be far behind: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange-county/os-ne-orange-park-avenue-main-street-20221229-st5dgs7o7nhhlakrk62zcohhy4-story.html From The Sentinel
  7. Scott J looks at the eateries that opened in 2022, those that came back and those that left. Also a sneak peek at 2023: https://www.scottjosephorlando.com/news/6298-the-year-in-reviews-a-look-back-at-2022-with-an-eye-toward-23
  8. Pele, perhaps the GOAT in soccer, has died in Brasil at 82.
  9. Older buildings have pretty much fallen out of favor for corporate users these days. Residential or boutique hotel would make more sense. Given downtown occupancy levels, the former would be more likely. The city has shown no interest in support or incentives for the historic district in this administration and until downtown’s reputation improves, the private firms that specialize in restoration are likely to pass. I don’t think it’s been used since FAMU moved out.
  10. Rep. Anna (our next mayor!?!) is giving DeSatan h**l over the attack on Plaza Live! https://floridapolitics.com/archives/578245-anna-eskamani-slams-ron-desantis-homophobic-targeting-of-christmas-drag-shows/ From Florida Politics Go, Anna!
  11. As they extend these routes further out, is frequency taking a hit?
  12. It’s worth noting both the Washington and Phoenix teams are likely to have or recently have had an ownership change. Meanwhile, the DeVos family goes blithely on, fielding mediocre or worse teams for well over a decade, while letting one of the most high visibility sites downtown lay fallow for years (while destroying a needed parking garage). Not to mention the sort of quasi-pyramid scheme that got Bernie Madoff in trouble (more recently, FTX went down that rabbit hole) was perfected years ago by the DeVos family (the courts in several states have kept them from operating). This is also one of the most homophobic families in America who have done their damndest to destroy public education. The company name we have on our arena is so disgraced that when they try to recruit you, it’s part of the firm’s SOP not to tell you who they are if at all possible. I’ll be extraordinarily happy when they finally go back to Ada where they belong as will a significant chunk of Orlando’s citizens.
  13. The Pistons showed the Magic how it’s done tonight. Orlando falls to 13-23.
  14. Meanwhile, Coach D and his lads showed him who’s boss tonight against Wichita State which makes us 10-3 and 1-0 in our last run at the American conference. Wi Chita has had our number before tonight - they were 8-1against us. It’s good to have that off our back. Charge On!
  15. Thought for the day: ”If he were real, Jay Gatsby might have lived — estimations of the precise locations of the fictional East and West Egg vary — in what is now Santos’s district.” - David Brooks, The New York Times
  16. More lies uncovered from Rep.-elect George Santos, courtesy of CNN: https://apple.news/AP4KsHdv5SMaKKT6q8oaumQ The GOP (Gaudy Old Prevaricators) still refuses to do a thing. Of course, that’s pretty much what we’d expect.
  17. With Mikey we vanquished the dreaded Gators. With JRP, we couldn’t beat Duke. This Is what happens, I suppose, when you hitch your program to a guy who’d rather play baseball. Gus, I’m trying really hard to believe you know what you’re doing. Charge On!
  18. At least Woolworth cleaned their stores once in a while. Ames was the pits.
  19. Applications now being taken for new board members of the Orlando Bike Coalition: https://bungalower.com/2022/12/26/orlando-bike-coalition-looking-for-new-board-members/ From Bungalower
  20. The Magic fall to the Lakers at home tonight; they’re now 13-22
  21. Let’s take a loooong stroll along Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard and the nation’s longest continuous sidewalk with The Jaxson: https://www.thejaxsonmag.com/article/urban-trails-tampas-bayshore-boulevard Along the way, we’ll take a detour just a few blocks north to Hyde Park, Cigar City’s answer to WP’s Park Ave.
  22. It’s just a matter of time ‘til you’re ready to Charge On! Coach D’s off to a good start this year as he gets us ready for the Big XII.
  23. His Majesty King Charles III knocked it out of the park with Britain’s highest ranked program on Dec. 25, the annual Christmas message: https://apple.news/Arrf2UAG8QxSQ6skThXIIpQ God Save the King! It’s interesting to compare the messages of hope and love of King Charles and President Joe Biden with Cheetohead’s tirade of vitriol on Truth Social yesterday. So much for the party of good Christian values…
  24. The Jaxson looks at five waterfront parks that Jax might serve as models for what the city could accomplish along the St Johns River downtown: https://www.thejaxsonmag.com/article/waterfront-parks-5-models-for-jacksonville/ Included are Daytona’s Riverfront Esplanade and @prahaboheme’s favorite, the St Petersburg Pier.
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