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  1. Our Knights pull out a conference road win at ECU 92-85 in OT. We improve to 11-5. Charge On!
  2. spenser1058


    Still no sign of Kobe Steak, but another coffee shop is on the way to 1233 E. Colonial Drive: https://bungalower.com/2022/01/16/new-coffee-shop-opening-in-mills-50/ From Bungalower Construction is just underway, so it might be a while but look for Haan Coffee Roasters.
  3. Darren “Goldie” Robinson decommits from the Gators. Is the 2023 WR from Seminole High headed to UCF with his buds? https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/florida-recruiting/os-sp-darren-goldie-lawrence-seminole-decommits-florida-20220116-nhqextiiizfr5eorfch5h7jcfy-story.html From The Sentinel Stay Tuned and Charge On!
  4. @orange87, I note some parts of coastal CT are expecting gale-force winds. I don’t know if you’re close to the coast but stay safe nevertheless. Meanwhile, I’m amazed @uncreativeusername could survive winter in Chicago after living in Orlando. I lived in Nashville for four years and couldn’t wait to move back to the warmth. You are a better man (or woman) than I! I love Chicago in the summer but wouldn’t even think about it much after Labor Day.
  5. It’s gotten quiet again so I’ll sing: “And when I die won’t you bury me in the parking lot of the A&P….” ”Blow out the candle, turn out the lamp, and light my pyre with your trading stamps*.” -From “Breaking Away” *If you don’t know what trading stamps were, please ask.
  6. Thank God for the women! UCF WBB just annihilated Duh Cows 67 - 51. Let’s hear it for the women Charging On! Duh Cows may now crawl back to Temple Terrace and accept their proper place in the world.
  7. @AndyPok1 For Mayor in 2023! His theme: “I built this city on rock ‘n roll”. It’s a natural…
  8. The Yankees in Boston have been rewriting history again. Just like the first Thanksgiving by European settlers in North America was at Fort Caroline near Jacksonville, the Underground Railroad first ran south to Fort Mose near St. Augustine before it ever moved north: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/os-fe-joy-wallace-dickinson-0116-20220116-bfwgoygg4newfhkl6773ct737y-story.html From Joy Wallace Dickinson at The Sentinel It’s also why East Florida was originally slated to enter the Union as a free state while West Florida would enter as a slave state. Politics intervened, however, and to make the numbers work East and West Florida were conjoined (despite the many cultural differences) and admitted as a slave state in 1845 along with Iowa (a free state). The Panhandle - making peninsular Floridians miserable for over 150 years. Have a memorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
  9. Our Knights were obliterated last night at Yuengling by those doggone Duh Cows. For some reason, we have an awful time winning in that arena (of course, visiting Temple Terrace is a depressing thought in general). Fortunately, we play them at home in about three weeks and are on a win streak at A+. Meanwhile, it’s a conference loss so our lads have their work cut out for them. Charge On!
  10. Whomever cut the tree down is worthy of a new circle of h**l in Dante’s Inferno.
  11. Oudom has been exorcised of its infestations and dirt (whether by a priest or Mr. Clean, we can’t say). Opening should come quickly: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/food-restaurants/restaurant-inspections/os-bz-downtown-orlando-sushi-restaurant-reopens-after-shut-down-for-9-days-20220114-rquykcb7m5ewromgir6qfwl6pu-story.html From The Sentinel
  12. Actually, I had someone else in mind but God help us if you have the courage in this room to call out who’s delivering poor performance. Part of Orlando’s problem is that, unlike Tier 1 cities, every single person ever hired here is deemed Practically Perfect In Every Way. Had Joel Greenberg been the tax collector in Orange County, many of our posters would still be defending his massive frauds as “just picking on him.” It’s why so much of Orlando is so mediocre compared to our peer cities. Thank God for great weather! The sad part is we were once admired and cutting edge, not unlike our state government. Entropy rules in Orlando and too much of the Sunshine State these days We should constantly evaluate those in the public sector and promote those who are improving things and sending the deadwood elsewhere. I know, what a concept.
  13. Our Knights take down Memphis 74-64 and show Penny Hardaway who Orlando’s REAL Hometown Champions are. Charge On at 10-4! Btw, Nick Anderson was also there to see.
  14. Lake Nona and Horizon West are the two fastest growing areas of OC. Here’s the latest in Hamlin: https://www.orangeobserver.com/article/forecast-the-growing-hamlin-town-center From The West Orange Times Observer
  15. They’re actually going as small as 6000sf now: https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/target-smaller-stores-transformation From FOX Business Given how close SoDo and Maguire are, it might be an ideal compromise. Importantly, if they come, others will follow. Given the ineptitude of our erstwhile downtown leader when it comes to retail, it may be our only prayer.
  16. Oudom is still closed and Scott J is wondering if there’s more going on than problems with health inspectors. Personally, I think that spot is cursed. @dwSouthEola, do you know any friendly priests in the neighborhood that do exorcisms? https://www.scottjosephorlando.com/news/5921-oudom-thai-sushi-still-closed
  17. For the life of me, I can’t figure out Winn-Dixie’s strategy. Their demographic targets are all over the place.
  18. Just think what will happen when you come back and run for mayor!
  19. Ocoee projects are busting out as the city and Cousin Rusty are almost to the 50,000 mark. https://www.orangeobserver.com/article/forecast-fifteen-minutes-from-everywhere-city-center-west-orange-phase-1-opening-delayed-to-2024 ”Ocoee - The Metropolis of Good Living” From The West Orange Times Observer
  20. It makes more sense - you get a lot more casual, younger voters turning out in presidential years and they tend to be more progressive.
  21. “Market” Publii are roughly 25k. The Paramount store is slightly larger than Shine or College Park. An average “normal” Publix is about 45k.
  22. If we get an Aldi downtown, we might even get @JFW657 to move back downtown and be a party animal again!
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