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    The Vue

    There is much more to the measurement of the unemployment rate than simply measuring those seeking benefits. It is important to remember the stat is a parameter of measurement that remains constant throughout time to provide some level of insight. If you want to capture the people excluded from the unemployment rate there are other statistics that do so.
  2. The procession is more about allowing the group to arrive at the funeral site together. It really sucks to hold up a burial because someone was caught up in traffic; even worse to proceed without someone.
  3. I appreciate the history info DubOne. However, I do not believe the history related to WBT or the car dealership rise to the level needed to impose limits on someone else's property rights. Regarding the architects' work and era related impact, I believe documenting the building through photos would be important.
  4. Perhaps I am unaware, but what historical significance does this building carry? I generally prefer to save buildings with historical events tied to them. However, I wouldn't want to save it simply because it is old.
  5. I remember seeing an ad in the Wall Street Journal, in Boston. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  6. For Speed Street, it will almost have to be a concert area. There are fewer and fewer lots available.
  7. hueion39

    The Vue

    sleightofhand, who made the comment, it a very credible source on this specific tower.
  8. hueion39

    The Vue

    I was ok with the J&W development. I believe the rotating cynergy of youth offsets the building.
  9. I prefer to say that History does not stand in the way of Progress.... Charlotte's history is now.
  10. The N Club in Greensboro is an old theatre converted to a bar/nightclub. It has been a staple nightclub for some time now. The dance floor actually has the phased slope which works well for concerts. Charlotte could actually take a few notes from what the owner has done with that club and a couple others in Greensboro.
  11. Citibank announced today that they are moving 9,500 jobs to lower cost locations...
  12. hueion39

    The Vue

    A gentle nudge from the 49th floor balcony...
  13. Maybe BofA will allow some large scale marketing on that wall... or at least a mural of Omeka, May, and Felton!
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