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  1. hueion39

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Not sure if anyone caught this, but a good overview of the BofA/ML merger - and a few great shots of Charlotte! I was personally off put by the level of control the gov't maintains in these matters - even before the bailout.
  2. hueion39

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Well, it wasn't the consumerist that reported it, in fact, it was Rupert and his cronies was the Wall Steet Journal. (sarcasm) None the less... while Congress recently regulated consent in 2006, insurance companies have long protected the interest of those insured through an
  3. hueion39

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Commoner, thanks for posting this video. I'm in Capuano's district and I didn't see this locally. For someone who has a great deal of constituents in the banking world of Boston, he really should be chastised for his lack of knowledge of the very products he lambasted. I'm sure his staff will be very thrilled with my call to his office tomorrow.
  4. hueion39

    Bank of America - Merrill Lynch Merger

    Technically, the Gov't is an owner via preferred stock. The government has no voting rights and therefore no say on how the company is run. Although, we clearly see there is desire for them to do so. Edit: Let me qualify my response by stating I don't know every specific of the program, but this is my understanding of the government's ownship.
  5. hueion39

    The Vue

    There is much more to the measurement of the unemployment rate than simply measuring those seeking benefits. It is important to remember the stat is a parameter of measurement that remains constant throughout time to provide some level of insight. If you want to capture the people excluded from the unemployment rate there are other statistics that do so.
  6. hueion39

    Charlotte Off Topic

    The procession is more about allowing the group to arrive at the funeral site together. It really sucks to hold up a burial because someone was caught up in traffic; even worse to proceed without someone.
  7. Ok, I searched for police calls within 1000 ft of an address. Since the beginning of 2006, Daddy's/Twist location had 278 intoxicated person calls while Coyote Ugly's had 325. Also, fight calls were relatively even with 128 to 136 for Iveys and Coyote, respectively. Over a two and a half period, I would say it is a negligible difference. However, there is a HUGE escort issue at the Ivey's building with a 128 calls, compared with a paltry 86 at the Ugly.
  8. Is there public info on the number of police call-ins or complaints of Coyote at its College St. location? I've been there a handful of times and it was actually rather laid back relative to some of the other bars uptown.
  9. hueion39

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    I appreciate the history info DubOne. However, I do not believe the history related to WBT or the car dealership rise to the level needed to impose limits on someone else's property rights. Regarding the architects' work and era related impact, I believe documenting the building through photos would be important.
  10. hueion39

    Polk State building at 500 West Trade

    Perhaps I am unaware, but what historical significance does this building carry? I generally prefer to save buildings with historical events tied to them. However, I wouldn't want to save it simply because it is old.
  11. hueion39

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    While commercial airliners receive a large tax break for jet fuel, a complete elimination of the tax would be appropriate if the government wants to help the situation.
  12. hueion39

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    My point is to illuminate that the gut reaction here is to blame oil and by extension President Bush.
  13. hueion39

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Gas isn't the only expense for airlines. There are many other cost factors, mostly regulatory. Why aren't you talking about those?
  14. hueion39

    Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Come on now, you can't scapegoat Bush for everything. To what extent do you credit overreaching regulation which increases costs?
  15. hueion39

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Umm, dead bodies are not so pleasant.