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  1. scottb411

    Amway Center

    Great picture! I'm going to be featuring this picture and your blog on my coverage of the Amway Center grand opening tomorrow night. Thanks again for giving me a shout out to my site: http://www.OrlandoLocalGuide.com
  2. I think that this can be done nicely if they do something similar to the UCF recreational pool: ...or go with canopies that you see over playgrounds on a larger scale:
  3. scottb411


    They just need to add an additional stop at Sand Lake/Orange. The stops that make the most sense are: OIA Sand Lake/Orange Ave Orange County Convention Center Disney Lakeland Downtown Tampa Tampa International Airport They could probably also add in a stop at the Florida State Fairgrounds since it is right there. This would be great for concerts at the Ford Amphitheatre.
  4. Adding a Fox Sports Grill would be a good addition: Especially since a majority of the magic games are on Fox Sports Florida and Fox owned Sun Sports. They could do their post game reports from the restaurant and bar. Fox Sports Grill also has more of a nightclub vibe and upscale dining that is more in-line with downtown Orlando.
  5. scottb411

    The Plaza

    Went to the movie theater for the first time this weekend and was very impressed. My wife and I went to go see Harry Potter and parked in the garage. I think it was $18 for both of us with a validated parking ticket. The seats were very comfortable and the sound and video quality and screen size were all excellent. I think the messages about the issues with the parking garage are overblown. It's a lot different than the other garages around downtown and the system of paying for your parking is confusing the first time you do it, but it is really not a big deal. I was easily able to drive my Infiniti FX35 around the garage. If you have an Expedition, you may have problems, but if you have a normal car, it is fine. This is a great addition to downtown and they are now showing all first-rate movies: http://www.plazacinemacafe.com/
  6. I wouldn't get down on Lake Nona because it is not in downtown. Both Orlando Health and Florida Hospital have long-term plans for their expansions for their bookends in downtown and have two great buildings in Winnie Palmer and the new tower that Florida Hospital just built. Nemours wanted to build their hospital in downtown but it would have competed with Orlando Health and Florida Hospital so out it went. The location of Lake Nona adjacent to research park opens up a lot of exciting opportunities of combining medical research with simulation and laser technologies. If any of this spills into downtown, we are in good shape and there will be plenty of growth in the downtown residential market housing these professionals.
  7. scottb411


    What is wrong with these people 1. Paula Dockery's husband is a big supporter of high-speed rail but Jeb kills it. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/...0,1886846.story 2. Jeb rides into Orlando for the Sun-Rail and Paula Dockery kills it. 3. Charlie Crist supposedly supports Sun-Rail but Paula Dockery's husband quits the high-speed rail board because Charlie isn't taking the steps to get it going: http://www.theledger.com/article/20090406/NEWS/904065037 There seems to be a big conflict-of-interest hear with Paula Dockery and her husband when it comes to trains. Orlando's tab for Sun-Rail was going to be 2.6 billion over the next 30 years. Tampa is looking to build a system for 25 billion over 25 years. There has to be more going on here: http://county.theledger.com/default.asp?item=2368760
  8. scottb411


    Since all the bickering is about money, I wonder if there would be a way to get some stimulus money for the Sun-Rail since Obama appears to be big on high-speed rail. Honestly, high-speed rail to/from Orlando to anywhere doesn't make sense without the Sun-Rail. Once you get off the high-speed rail, you'd have to spend a lot of money on a cab to go anywhere and it would make more sense to drive. With Sun-Rail in place, it makes total sense for high-speed rail and vice-versa. Also, Charlie Crist, you lost any potential chance for my vote going forward and I am a registered republican. You said you supported Sun-Rail but you seemed to be pretty quiet about it and this is a big failure on your part to not help push this through. 15 of the 23 votes against this were by fellow republicans. Good luck on your bid for President. You have nothing to stand on with accomplishments in the state of Florida.
  9. scottb411

    The Plaza

    Grand Opening is May 28th, Open to the public on May 29th - In time for Disney-Pixar
  10. Florida Hospital Pictures taken from Leu Gardens:
  11. Sentinel also reporting that John Mellencamp will be performing: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/entertain...mellencamp.html
  12. Barack and Michelle Obama will be guest on the show according to the programming guide.
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