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  1. I will believe it when I see it. The only project this developer has successfully completed was the conversion of a bowling alley in Federal Hill.
  2. They dropped the price of the townhouses there appreciably. If you want to talk about views, I was on the top floor of the Natty Boh building recently and they have some views! One of the best views in Baltimore (if you can believe it) is on the roof of the new condo/apartments that they built on The Avenue in Hampden. It's one of the higher points in Baltimore.
  3. Technically they may be able to build it but who would want to live there? I live across the water from it and have been all through the structure at various times. The train traffic is crazy. You can see the train in the forground but besides that, how are they ever going to get the stink out of the building? Grain has been rotting in there for years and concrete being porous just sucks it up. It smells horrible.
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