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  1. Took this pic from a parking garage while I was downtown for the race this weekend.
  2. Anybody know what all the concrete forms are for that they building on top of the parking garage?
  3. JSI

    Parks and Rec

    When I used to live in the Fan and would run down Broad St. I would always shake my head at the amount of trash on the ground at the bus stops when a trash can was always within 5ft. of the stop. It never made sense to me that people would not throw trash away. I guess some people have no pride for our great city??
  4. My family left the city (after living in the city for 12 years) for the 'burbs 100% because of the schools. There is such incompetence in the city related to schools not to mention they need to shutdown schools as opposed to continuing to dump more money into them. Until they "fix" (I use that loosely since the buildings and teachers are not the problem) the schools young families will continue to leave the city. Parents of kids need to be held accountable for their kids actions.
  5. JSI

    Richmond's Suburban Developments

    Extended stay going up in the same location as the old Skilligalle restaurant at Glenside and Bethlehem, I work across the street and it literally seems like they've been working on this for over 2 years.
  6. JSI

    Richmond's Suburban Developments

    Tower crane is going up for Drury Hotel in the Suntrust parking lot across from CarMax on West Broad Street.
  7. JSI

    Richmond International Airport

    Anybody see the extensive news story on 60 Minutes (link below) about Allegiant? I've flown on them several times down/back to St. Pete and have had great experiences except one time had to wait a little long to get my baggage in St. Pete. Curious to get people's (especially from @flack4ric) thoughts if they plan to NOT fly them after the news story? Hoping the story lights a fire under their a$$ so the fix their operations. They were created by one of the founders of ValueJet and afraid one major accident and they will be out of business. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/allegiant-air-the-budget-airline-flying-under-the-radar/
  8. JSI

    Museum Developments in Richmond

    Lots of work going on down at the Virginia War Memorial.
  9. The crane seems to have gotten really high.
  10. Can't wait to see those buildings knocked down on Cary Street What an eyesore. Wish I could drive the demo truck!
  11. JSI

    VCU Developments

    I can't tell you how excited I am about this project. ANYTHING would be better than those blighted structures. I've owned a home at The Overlook for 13 years now and those buildings have sat vacant the entire time looking like sh!t. Also, they are the gateway from Cary to Oregon Hill and first impressions make it look like a DUMP. Tear those suckers down!
  12. Was at Kabana on Saturday night and took this pic. Looks like the former building on this site is just rubble and dust now.
  13. JSI

    Richmond's Suburban Developments

    Thanks for the info. It looks like it might be some sort of automotive repair shop based on the big car-like openings towards the back of the building. I could be completely wrong but that's what I would guess.
  14. JSI

    Richmond's Suburban Developments

    Anybody know what they are building on the old location of Famous Dave's at Glenside and W. Broad Street?
  15. JSI

    Richmond off-topic postings

    We moved out of the city 2 years ago (90% of the reason because of schools). The school my kids go to in Western Henrico feels like a private school. We were zoned for Fox when we lived in the city which is considered one of the top schools. Sadly, they just found black mold in the school. With all the shenanigans at city hall and the school board that would have been the final nail. Bottom line, they need to consolidate kids and close schools that are no longer needed to allow for more $$ overall in the system.