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  1. I have not seem any other articles on this other than the pay-to-read TBJ story. I'm too cheap to subscribe! Here's what I know. Seth Coker and Nathan Isner will convert the 5 story building into 24 apartments. Renovations to cost around $2 million. Great location! The building is at the intersection of Friendly Ave. and Greene St. (Across the street from Elon Law School). Title Insurance is moving to another location and expanding. Not sure if their new location is downtown. I hope so!
  2. Cityboi, you should get snowed in more often! You should have been an architect! Very nice rendering! The fact that Roy liked it speaks volumes.
  3. I was just over by the old Dixie Apartments were Roy Carroll is planning to build his mixed-use project. I saw about 8-10 firefighters looking/walking around the building. The windows in the building have been removed. I bet they are planning a "controlled burn" of the building so firefighters can get in some practice. Has anyone heard? Also, there are two backhoes parked by the old social security building next door. Looks like Roy is getting ready to knock some buildings down and move forward with his project.
  4. I could not be happier to hear that Carroll continues to buy up property for his project. While a salvage company is a valued business, this type of "warehouse" is not a proper fit in a thriving downtown business district. I can't wait to watch all of those "eyesore" buildings in that area be demolished. As I have said many times, Roy Carroll seems to be bullish about the redevelopment of downtown Greensboro. I hope he makes millions for his contributions to our city!
  5. Does anyone know the status of the apartments that were to be built by the ballpark? (The areas where the old car dealership was located fronting Smith St.) So far, just a vacant lot. Maybe the recent wet weather has been a factor?? I would have though the apartments would have been finished by now.
  6. Way to go Greensboro! The backwards thinking for a very vocal few has run yet another retail business off. While I could care less about Trader Joe's as a place to shop, it is a shame to see something like this happen. I can't blame Trader Joe's for telling Greensboro to take a hike. As much as I love living in Greensboro, and have seen great progress made in the 26 years I've been here, there are a lot of backwards thinking people here. I think it is amazing what we have accomplished with so much resistance. If it were not for a fairly large influx of people for other parts of the U.S. much of the Triad would be a Third World country. On the other hand, I blame Trader Joe's for being so stubborn in having to have the store build in a residential neighborhood in w. Friendly. Why not another location? How about land where Golden Gate Shopping Center is now? Everything has left there! Plenty of land! Also, in the middle of the New and Old Irving Park money. Decaying buildings and unused land are all over Greensboro. A little smart planning by the city would help rebuild these old, tired neighborhoods with new retail. Greensboro and most larger cities suffer from poor planning and urban sprawl. Update: Saturday March 8th...I just read in the N & R that rezoning efforts will move forward even if Trader Joe's does not come to Greensboro. LOL! Hard to believe that the people against this were dumb enough to believe that they had won after TJ pulled out. So, for all of this, Greensboro looks like a city of idiots, we lost Trader Joe's, and rezoning of the property will move forward. Since TJ is not coming, maybe a Walgreens, CVS, or how about a nice 20 pump gas station?
  7. Would someone explain to me what happened with the proposed YWCA site? It by far is the more logical site. The site the city council voted to purchase is much better suited to future development of medium and high rise projects. I fear we are about to build a nice GPAC with 10,000 parking spaces around it. This is a very 60's way of thinking and is very poor land management for an area where land is limited for future development.
  8. Wow! I'm loosing count of the number of hotel projects proposed for downtown Greensboro! I think the project at Elm and February One and the project at South Elm and Lee St. do not have solid financial ground. I would not expect them to get off the drawing board anytime soon if ever. On the other hand, if anyone can make a project work it is Roy Carroll. He has said he will totally finance the project himself!. Who else in Greensboro could do that besides Carroll? My money is on Carroll. I totally see him moving forward with his project without wasting much time. As much as I want to see downtown grow, I sure as heck don't want to see 3 hotels built and see them all fail. I'd rather see one project now and maybe others in the future. As exciting as it may sound, nothing good ever comes out of explosive development. I am excited to see the residential and office building announcements that have been made for downtown Greensboro in recent weeks.It is nice the see the bulls running in downtown Greensboro again. I believe we have a bright future ahead if our leaders do things right!
  9. To only be a 3 story building, it looks pretty nice. I'm sure revisions will be made. Wow! What a big improvement for that area of downtown. I'm glad to see that this business is bullish about staying/investing in downtown. Maybe this will cause others to do so.
  10. It would appear that finally work will soon begin on the Southeastern Building at the corner of Elm and Market. Lanes of Market St. were beling blocked off today.
  11. Does anyone have any information about any planned, construction in the block bordered by Prescott St. & North Cedar at Battleground in downtown Greensboro? I was in that area today and Chilton tree removal is clearing out trees. A few houses remain on the block and a couple of businesses front Battleground. This is a pretty large track of land and is two blocks west of the new Greeway Apartments. The block appears ripe for development. Maybe another apartment development??
  12. Not only do I like the new design, but I also like the new location at YWCA. The N. Elm location is better for future office/high-rise development.
  13. I noticed they have started the renovations on the 9 story Southeastern building in downtown Greensboro. A leasing sign has also been posted on the building. I'm excited to see this project moving forward.
  14. The design plan looks ok, but I expect (and hope) they will tinker with it more before the final draft. As for the huge "asphalt jungle" parking lot. Scrap IT! PLEASE! Partiner with a nice hotel chain and bulid a combo deck and hotel. I am past ready for the Marott to have some competition!
  15. Now that they are turning dirt for the new Greenway at Fisher Park Apartments, is Deep Roots Market still in the works? Seems like the apartments are going to take up most of that space. Is it possible they are also turning dirt for the market too?
  16. This is wonderful news about the Southeastern building. The building is a historic gem in our downtown district. With the apartment market strong, and the desire to live downtown, the building should be a rental hot spot. Good luck to these developers who have tried so hard to get financing over the past several years!
  17. For those of us who love and live in downtown Greensboro, and have worked so hard on the success of downtown, this is very sad! This group of thugs are nothing more that a bunch of looser, social misfits that are destroying our downtown. Their mission in life is to hang out downtown and wait for something "exciting" to happen. When they get bored, why not just beat up a few people for kicks? This has to be delt with quickly or we can kiss a progressive downtown Greensboro goodbye. People will totally quit coming downtown. I don't know the situations in other cities like Raleigh or Charlotte. Have these cities had problems of this nature in the past? If so, we need to learn how they delt with it! I know that Glenwood South in downtown Raleigh has been very successful. It is painful to work so hard to develop and redevelop our inner city to improve the quality of life for our citizens only to have these uneducated, lowlife scum destroy it! Yes, the police need to step up, but there is only so much they can do in a mob situation short of pulling their guns and using them.
  18. It is my understanding the new jail will have a staff of around 450 people. Maybe an increse in people eating downtown! However I'm not so sure how many would be dining outside the grounds of the jail. I do believe we are getting ready to have one heck of a parking problem in that section of downtown!
  19. This is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated incident. You'd think 50 people got shot to death and this sort of thing has happened every night for the past month! This is a total Mayberry reaction to a nonproblem. Having said the above, I do believe for the number of people downtown late at night, a consideration for more on-duty police is not such a bad idea. However, the proposed curfew and $5 parking fee are NOT the answer! This will do nothing more than drive people away from downtown. We have worked so hard over the past 15 years or so to bring people downtown, now measures may be put in place to drive them away. It is so sad! I also want to know: When did Zack Matheny become the mighty spokesperson for downtown security? All he's trying to do is gain a little media face time! I'd really like to hear from our new police chief on downtown security issues. Is it possible that he really thinks that this is being blow our of proportion and he's keeping our of the rage? From what I've seen so far, he seem to be one of the few in our local goverment with his head screwed on straight!
  20. I'm understand what use to be Mike's store next to Fisher's is going to be a locally owned pizza joint!
  21. I welcome this project with open arms! However, I would advise the developers to make this as much like an urban Harris Teeter as they can. The current Deep Roots is a specialty store. A wide range of items must be offered to make this a "one stop shopping" food market! Also, no $4 loafs of bread or $6 gallons of milk or it will fail just like the clothing stores on Elm St. that offered $100 jeans and $50 t-shirts!
  22. Yes. The track of land is the eastern part of what was to be the "ballpark village".
  23. With the new members of the Greensboro City Council coming on board, this may be the last progressive vote for Greensboro....The last action of the existing city council was to vote 5 to 2 in favor of the Swim Center being built. Trudy Wade and Mary Rakestraw voted against it!
  24. It is my understanding that they will locate in a building once used by RF Micro.
  25. Although I have great respect for Roy Carroll, sometimes I have a hard time trying to figure out whats going on in his head! To send an email to the Triad Business Journal and threaten to scrap downtown projects is nothing more than a way to paly the system! He has no plans to scrap anything! He is seeking leverage to be used when it does come time to build. Saying things about "scrapping projects" sturs the pot and get his name in print along with scaring the hell out of city leaders and those of us that advacate downtown redevelopment. And, I'm sure if he does move forward with his plans (and I think he will) you can be he will have some leverage to work with. As for the "design manual", its about time Greensboro started acting like a city! I could not be happier that a "framework" is being put in place to "guide" future development. Growth is great but it has to be planned growth. I see nothing wrong with Roy having to put "landscape buffers" around any tower he builds. He'll will complain about it for a while then start building. I believe he realizes his future $$$'s are in downtown Greensboro. So, start building Roy!
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