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  1. Excellent food and service. They just need this: Sonex panels and baffles
  2. Or instead of spending all that money, draw tourists to the riverfront with something similar to what is done in Providence, RI: Wterfire. It is spectacular and draws huge crowds! waterfire
  3. How about Jack Kervorkian as a spokesperson? He has name recognition.
  4. I live downtown. Do you? I will travel the 5 miles to go to Crate and Barrel.
  5. Grand Rapids has made the big time! This means that upscale retailers have faith in the GR area. I expect more to come.
  6. Your photographs are truly art! They deserve a proper display or recognition.
  7. That looks like a construction drawing/building elevation, not a "rendering". Notice the column lines and floor elevation indications.
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