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  1. I believe it was completed about 12 years ago with the last stretch being between percival and Jackson Blvd. I know my first speeding ticket was on I-77 where 77 ended at percival at the time, I think it opened a few months later.... I am only 27 so it hasnt been that long.
  2. I belive the long range plan is to connect 126 w/ 277(if you look at 277 as you are coming to the end and it becomes Bull,you can see the overpass graded) w/ the downtown interstate going in where the old train tracks are downtown. I think it would be great. the traffic would be down below so noise wouldnt be so much of a problem and traffic along downtown roads would improve dramatically, bull and elm coming to mind. The question is would they take it all the way to I77 and if so where, probably bluff or next to/above it but probably would win up being like 277 and the interstate stopping at the end of Huger. I dont see a downtown interstate connecting to 277 in my lifetime unless Cola really picks up alot of steam, hopefully so, I guess I want Cola to develop with all the positives of a big city and none of the negatives but I guess you cant have the best of both worlds.
  3. I remember hearing the same thing, I think it would be great for the airport and eventuall would lead to more use which in turn would lead to more flights/carriers. Has anyone else heard anything recently about it?
  4. Actually it means that you have US customs located at the airport and the airport is a port of entry. I knew CAE had a Foreign-Trade Zone but was wandering if they had become a port of entry for passengers, i.e. "international" airport. I am actually a pilot/flight instructor so I do like to keep up with the airport. I am hoping CAE can land a small regional carrier that will use CAE as its home base so I can move back home! They are still upgrading the roads out there still, more specifically the Loop Road. Oh, and about the airport itself, I think is is one of the nicest unused airports is the country. On a side note check out the LINKS page provided by the airport, thay have links to stuff all over Cola.
  5. The twenty issues of 2005 West Columbia Dont know yet what is going on here, maybe the skyline will finally cross the river. usc research park More researchpark stuff Hopefully this will provide Cola with a big developing boom usc baseball stadium STILL waiting Kline Iron and Huger Street kline projectThis looks to be the most excting thing For Cola I have heard as of late, an unspecified office building going up one the corner of Gerveis and Huger to blend The Vista and downtown togother. Main st 5 Points Revitilization Super Regional Retail Center with three power retail anchors and currently negotiating a fourth. Upscale Retail tenants with today's hottest fashions. Numerous Restaurants, Bistros and Sidewalk Cafes on a street scape scene. State-of-the-Art Movie Theatre with stadium seating, large screens and digital Dolby sound. Sports Plex with three soccer fields, workout room and basketball court all under one roof. Two large community centers with supermarket, furniture and home oriented tenants. Array of financial institutions and service tenants for friendly community access. Planned residential, office and community oriented facilities. Village at sandhill video
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