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  1. Great view from the Hospital Trust! I always wondered if you could see the skyline of Boston from up there. Maybe at night way in the distance on the horizon? I fly out of New Bedford airport and you can see Boston at just under 400 feet. I know New Bedford is a few miles furthur from Boston than Providence is. The terrain is flater between New Bedford and Boston as opposed to the land between Prov and Boston. I wish they would open the top floor of the old Ind. Trust bldg as an observation deck!
  2. This week from New Bedford, Massachusetts
  3. Here are 2 shots fron New England Baptist Hospital. Sorry for the window refelctions.
  4. Here is a view of Providence with the Westin II and One Ten "painted" in. This is January 2009
  5. On my way to Providence yesterday I actually took shots of the distant skyline while going over the Braga Bridge. Despite the motion of the car they came out alright, and when I zoom in I can make out the skyline. However, I cant seem to zoom in and crop it correctly to post it on here I tried several times.
  6. Hi! My first time posting pics here, Ill give it a try! Nice sunset today.
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