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  1. Just returned back home from our trip to Raleigh to plan for my upcoming move there for a job relocation. I noticed this going up and thought it was good to help fill in the skyline. I’m not familiar with the area at all but downtown seems to be at the beginning stages of a revival. I noticed a lot of empty or run down lots that are prime to be restored or demolished and made tall. I think if done properly it can be tall and modern but still retain the history and charm of the city.
  2. Has there been any news on this or should I just give up on this project like I have with everything related with progress in this city?
  3. I'm still so unbelievably disappointed once again we've missed out in this. I've lived here for over 30 years but I'm about to the point that once my kids are finished with school I'm out of here. Virginia Beach has time and time again failed to take advantage of putting in place the types of things that seems to pass our area by. Only made more disappointing that we have had chance after chance
  4. I was hoping to come home and read some good news about this but this stings. I finally felt like we were going to get over the hump and move towards becoming a city with more first class amenities and one that makes people want to live in and not leave. The arena deal isnt looking too good, people clawing tooth and nail to fight against light rail and anything related to growing.... Right or wrong I feel like this city won't progress until the older generation has passed on and by then I'll be too old myself to fully enjoy it or will have moved myself.
  5. I thought it was in a weird spot also but really where is there much open space here. I guess it made sense due to it being right off of 264 and somewhat right in between downtown Norfolk and Vb. I'm no gold expert by any stretch but I'd guess you'd need a distance of what 200-300 yards for driving? From the eye test it doesn't seem to be that far from where the range would be to the apt complex across from it.
  6. As a resident of VB for over 30 years, outside of going to Watermans or Chichos and parking off of 38th to do my run I don't do the strip nor do I take my kids or family there for the most part. We go to the beach almost every weekend but its typically far on the North End where its far more enjoyable. I can say I don't enjoy the mile of sitting traffic on pacific, the crowds of obnoxious teenagers and tourists, all the police and the lifeguards who whistle at me to come in when the waves surpass my knees. Mostly the beach itself is just way too packed, I can't really enjoy it when we can barely move around. As a resident I get it and I think the city is taking steps to improve the overall appeal of the strip but I'm content w it being the cash cow it is and I'll gladly take my family out to the north end or croatan or sandbridge and enjoy the beach without all of the hassle
  7. They should have demolished that mall when they had the chance, these upgrades have always seemed like putting lipstick on a pig
  8. Took another one from a different side, looks like its being completely gutted based on the mounds of rubble on site
  9. Was down there a few days ago during the nice weather and they've already started the framing for the housing on the southeast corner of the lot. Also noticed they've started demolition on the hotel across the street as well. I'll be back there soon and will have to snap a few pics.
  10. My wife and I were just discussing this yesterday how we hope they run the rail from the oceanfront to Norfolk's downtown. Seeing as I live at the beach and work downtown, this would be perfect. I'm tired of $15 getting me just over 3 gallons only to burn them trying to get out of downtown at 4:30 in the afternoon. I'm sure there are plenty more people such as myself who would be ecstatic to have this come to fruition.
  11. Much as I hate to admit it I shop at Wal mart as I'm sure most of us up here do. There is a time and place for everything, but to put a Wal Mart in Town Center? It's not the right time and definitely not the right place. I don't know, stick it down on Independence where the Roses is at, but not anywhere near TC. It would be like building a street of million dollar homes and putting a trailer home right smack in the middle.
  12. I just found out when visiting my mom's house that they finally extended Volvo all the way through which was pretty sweet sans the C-peake cop sitting behind the bush trying to pull people over. But anyways we've been wishing for Lynnhaven to be completed since 92 when my parents moved into that home, maybe my kid's kids will roam that extension one day
  13. Wow, I just checked out the pictures and have to say Murfreesboro is nothing like I remember it. Having been born there in 78 and moving to Va Beach in 81, I really only remember things when I went to visit family in Nashville/Woodbury areas but it's grown a lot since I last went there several years back. While here at the beach where people are flooding in from all over and construction never stops, it was always good to get away to the "country" so to speak where I found it odd but nice that every driver that went by waved to me. It's good to see Murfreesboro growing but hopefully it will always keep that small city charm that I enjoyed when I was in town. ^^^VB's newest building, the Westin at Town Center^^^
  14. I think it can be. When I had gone to Miami this past August, they had a tri-rail system that had a loop that ran you through a decent size chunk of the city going from downtown to the Coconut Grove section of the city and another line that would take you all the way up to other cities in Florida north of Miami as a mass transit. Considering that Miami has the worst drivers I have ever seen (never woulda thought i'd be saying that) and the obscene can fares, it was great. I think if done right it could take a decent load off of traffic in the area. http://www.tri-rail.com/
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