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  1. Bump. Wondering what the bit of awesome news is.
  2. These restaurants are not here. They are not here no one in a position to open one here wants to do so. No amount of wishing or thinking it otherwise will change this. At some point, there will be additions, but folks sitting on a website stating that LR can support it doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, LR has a vibrant local restaurant scene, which is FAR better than these chains folks keep listing. We are so fortunate with what we have.
  3. Ecity, these restaurants that you wish for aren’t here because no one in a position to offer them thinks they’d be successful. It’s truky that simple.
  4. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it is 75% occupied - and that's not counting the spots that have never been occupied. Not disappointed about Del Frisco's - you are right - nothing new and nothing that Arthur's couldn't do better - but occupancy right now is a bit of a downer. And that's coming from someone who has long been a fan of this development.
  5. If the “rent is too damn high” then they simple need to address that pronto. Otherwise they’ll reach a point where it will be a challenge to attract any stores because of the depressed appearance.
  6. I wonder if the incoming Aloft, being adjacent to this development, will ultimately help out somewhat with this property.
  7. The premise that the Little Rock restaurant scene is struggling is beyond ludicrous. There are so many great dining options in this town I don't even have a chance to enjoy them all in spite of eating out far more than I should. And yeah, I eat on the west side a lot. Plenty of options there, and in so many other neighborhoods. West End closing is not a loss for the Little Rock consumer - at all.
  8. Article in DemGaz about Aloft zoning variances being approved for this area.
  9. This town has so many options that are not pizza, burger, etc. If you visit Heights, Hillcrest or downtown, you'll see some wonderful options.
  10. Little Rock actually has quite an excellent local restaurant scene. Far better than cities of similar size. These chains you mention are fine, but nothing particularly special compared to the real restaurants in town. It always amazes me that folks continue to clamor for Cheesecake Factory as if it's particularly stellar food. I mean, it's not bad, but not something needed either.
  11. ...and I was mistaken. Coffee shop. Cafe Brunelle to open.
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