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  1. The Design Review Board approved two projects and tabled two. Both the Carlisle and Intrator plans will come back up again after some fine tuning is done to address all the concerns that were raised.
  2. Let's keep in mind most of what is in the development plans already exist on the property, but have sat vacant since the Harrah's closure seven years ago. A significant amount is being put into renovating and reactivating what is already there while adding new amenities to enhance the experience for families they hope to draw there in the future. The only actual new construction would be the water park, boardwalk area, and youth sports facilities among others.
  3. Two different developments with two different focuses. The Tunica project would re-activate the former Grand Casino/Harrah's property for non-casino use (only the casino barges were removed while everything else was kept intact) while the Great Wolf Lodge proposal for Jackson is being planned to compliment an already existing youth sports complex in that city.
  4. That is what ultimately became "Accelerate Memphis", which is a $200 million pitch to reinvest in the city and its assets: https://www.memphistn.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/NEWJan-21-2021-Accelerate-Memphis-Whitepaper-FINAL.pdf
  5. If they're going to do a massive development like this, they should also purchase the coffee shop property as well to connect everything together. This along with what is currently being planned on Claybrook right next to Methodist should make for some very nice residential infill over the next few years in the Medical District.
  6. The design is an improvement from where it started. I know they haven't announced a name for the hotel yet, but it would've been nice if the developers worked with Hard Rock on possibly bringing the company's new Reverb brand to Beale Street. https://reverb.hardrockhotels.com
  7. James Owen

    Memphis Sports

    The NFL is a dead issue in Memphis after two failed attempts to lure an expansion team in the 90s as well as that one-year stint of the Oilers (now Titans) playing at the Liberty Bowl which saw lackluster support from many people in the city (some of which was done out of spite for Nashville getting a team). There's also no appetite to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a massive new football stadium and facilities here to accommodate an NFL team. The support just isn't there. If one ever does get built, it'll most likely be for the U of M's football team either on or near its two main campuses.
  8. I think something will happen in regards to the Loews project, though it's a matter of when and not if at this point. COVID forced a lot of things to be placed on hold, and it may be late next year before we see some actual construction happen.
  9. An update from October: As you can see, the interior is coming along nicely. More images can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/flymemphis/posts/2829551520593034
  10. I can see why you would be concerned as land along the riverfront comes at a premium. While we still don't know exactly how large the new Brooks Museum will be or how much space it'll actually utilize on that block, I'd suspect many of those issues raised will be addressed in short order.
  11. Per the Daily Memphian this evening, there will no longer be an office component to One Beale. Instead, the developers plan on building more apartments as well as possibly add a third hotel to the overall project. One Beale starts pre-leasing apartments, office element dropped By Tom Bailey, The Daily Memphian https://dailymemphian.com/section/neighborhoodsdowntown/article/17586/first-come-first-served-one-beale-starts-pre
  12. I don't think this "skinny skyscraper" proposal is going to get anywhere, but it's worth sharing nonetheless. Local development team proposes $180M tower near the Pyramid By Jacob Steimer, Memphis Business Journal https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2020/10/16/locals-propose-40-story-tower-near-pyramid.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_32&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s
  13. Keep in mind, only FedEx Logistics is making a move downtown. The need for additional office space was always going to be dictated by demand, and with many companies letting their employees work from home for the time being, it complicates things as far as new construction goes.
  14. That was a given when you consider how much COVID-19 and an unstable economy have forced many large developments - those that were not already under construction before the pandemic - to be placed on hold indefinitely until things normalize enough to where some projects can get underway.
  15. Interesting, though I would also use Target Field as an example for how a baseball stadium could work on that site: https://populous.com/project/target-field
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