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  1. At 20-22 stories, it'll be the tallest hotel in West Memphis and second tallest in the region behind Gold Strike in Tunica (which is 31 stories).
  2. Hard to believe they topped off the Caption by Hyatt already. On another note: I passed by the Tenoke Building/new Aloft Hotel after leaving the dentist today, and noticed the walls at the base are now being filled in, and the corner porte cochere is starting to take shape.
  3. I wouldn't go as far as say they don't seem to care when you consider the amount of adaptive reuse they've done with the old William C Ellis buildings as part of One Beale. In terms of the Nylon Net building, the Carlisles originally wanted to preserve as much of the original structure as possible, but when it became apparent that would not be feasible to at least stabilize the areas they wanted to keep (specifically the lower level and smokestack), they opted to just do a complete rebuild while integrating elements of the old building into the new design.
  4. Right now, they're looking at selecting a developer among the 11 bidders by year's end. However, actual work wouldn't start until late next year at the earliest after all due process is completed. https://www.actionnews5.com/2021/09/02/downtown-memphis-commission-receives-11-proposals-100-n-main-project/ So far, we only know about the Woods/Orgel and Carlisle proposals. I'm curious to see what the other nine have in mind.
  5. 11 bids have been submitted for the redevelopment of 100 North Main along with the adjacent parcels on that block. Per Corinne S Kennedy at The Commercial Appeal: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2021/09/02/100-north-main-downtown-memphis-proposals/5693939001/
  6. A nice mural and some lighting would do well on that side as there's not much else you can really do there without having to alter the design plans. Also, the hotel is in close proximity to Beale Street Landing and the Cobblestones, so activating that side and making it pedestrian-friendly is a must.
  7. You have to remember the pandemic slowed things down for everyone, and resulted in fewer people working in construction at the time. Now that things appear to be picking up again, we should hopefully see this being completed by next year. BTW, I found this recently which shows an updated final design of the casino expansion and hotel component: https://www.soshny.com/southlandcasino
  8. Good to see significant progress being made on the base of the new Aloft after years of work on the main structure. Does anyone know what the status is with the nearby Dermon Building and its conversion into a hotel? The owners said they had chosen a brand for that project a couple of years ago, but nothing else has really been said since.
  9. It'll be a while before we see anything coming out of the RFP process, as is usually the case with everything. Hopefully the next owners will be more flexible with the city than Townhouse was willing to be.
  10. Not really. To me, the new residence hall under construction has some similarities to the Wilma Rudolph Center on the other side of campus.
  11. There was a Union Station once upon a time on 3rd Street (B.B. King Boulevard). The site is now home to the main Memphis branch of the U.S. Post Office.
  12. An update on the former police station property on Union: ‘Union Station’ would bring hotel, retail and residences to Union Ave. By Tom Bailey, The Daily Memphian https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/22801/memphis-union-station-development-can-bring-hotel-retail-residences-to-midtown Renderings (All images courtesy of designshop):
  13. I highlighted the area in which the proposed development would be located. There isn't too much space to work with considering the northern and western sides of the property are bordered by trolley/rail lines, so I would assume whatever gets built on that site would either sit on top of a garage structure or have off-site parking.
  14. Thing is the bridge itself was overhauled several years ago so it could handle seismic loads of up to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, and that included reinforcing the bridge supports throughout the span. Yeah, that's a clean break of a fracture that cannot easily be patched up. It's gonna take a while to fix and may require replacing part of the bridge deck.
  15. The Memphis-Arkansas Bridge (I-55) is still open and is carrying most of the traffic that would usually cross the I-40 bridge.
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