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  1. FedExForum is in a very good location as it is - in close proximity to Beale Street and the future site of The Walk on Union. I doubt a new arena would be needed when you consider older venues like the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Target Center in Minneapolis, and Footprint Center in Phoenix have all received extensive renovations over the years. I do, however, agree that Church Park needs some extensive work done to make it more attractive than it is now. It would be nice to have decorative murals placed on the southwestern corner of MLK & 4th that celebrate not only Robert Church's life, but other famous black Memphians as well. Not only that, but the whole park itself could be reconfigured to include wider sidewalks, water features, a playground/learning area, picnic pavilion, etc.
  2. Except that line you're speaking of is privately-owned heavy rail used to haul freight every day. LRT aside, there are plans to implement a bus rapid transit (BRT) system over the next few years. If successful, the line might be extended eastward. https://memphisinnovationcorridor.com/about.html
  3. Which is why I used Daily's Place as an example. What part of it makes you think it looks too indoors? That looks very creative for an outdoor venue.
  4. The biggest problem with the amphitheater as it is right now is that it's not up to modern standards for traveling tours compared to outdoor venues that have been constructed and/or renovated over the last 10-20 years along with the logistical challenges associated with its location and layout. Simply doing the bare minimum to make it operational again would not be enough, and building anew on the same footprint would cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars to do - which doesn't include possibly expanding the site eastward (via creating new land behind the current stage). Since you made a mention about possibly adding a roof, it would be nice to do something like a Daily's Place in Jacksonville there (just without the indoor practice field it's attached to): https://populous.com/project/jacksonville-jaguars-amphitheater-and-flex-field
  5. This one has nothing to do with Memphis 3.0 as the Carrefour property is on the Germantown side of Poplar Avenue right before you pass Kirby Road going east. That project along with the TraVure and Thornwood developments are part of an effort by Germantown to urbanize areas of the suburban city as they've basically built themselves out to where they have to go vertical.
  6. Nothing new to report as those plans are still a work in progress.
  7. I believe that site became a senior living facility that just opened recently. As to why the condos were never built, there was a lot of push back from neighbors who were opposed to the project because of its height (the area consists of single family homes and a few buildings no taller than 3 stories for the most part).
  8. Originally, there were plans to put space on top of the garage for a restaurant before that got removed from the final design. With the development being transit-oriented - coupled with concerns about uniformity with adjacent buildings, any prospect of putting a hotel or residential on top of it was probably not in the cards. There is, however, great potential to put something vertical on the lot right across the street (next to Hard Rock Cafe) to compliment not only the three Hyatts, but also the planned Dream Hotel on top of the former Royal Furniture building. I really thought it would be the perfect spot to put a Hard Rock Hotel and still think so to this day - even with the company looking to build on the current Jerry Lee Lewis/former Pat O'Brien's site across from Handy Park. As for the surface lot you mentioned on Front near Court Square, call me a skeptic for there had been plans going as far back as 15 years ago to put something in that spot - with the last proposal being an Embassy Suites that was never built. And with both Falls and the former Morgan Keegan/Raymond James building set to undergo conversions into residential over the next couple of years, it'll likely complicate things when it comes to how to best utilize that piece of property coupled with parking concerns and the like.
  9. Probably not a WNBA franchise since women's hoops doesn't have the same level of popularity here as the men's side does. As far as MLS goes, that'll really depend on the continual success and support of the USL club here as well as getting a soccer-specific stadium built down the road that can be expandable if needed.
  10. There was an attempt made a decade ago to not only renovate Jefferson Plaza, but to build a new parking structure next door along Second Street. https://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/2013/jan/7/battling-blight/ (Image courtesy of Adam Airman) Sadly, those plans fell through, and the demolished garage has been a vacant lot ever since. Would've been nice to put something there to connect with all the adjacent structures on that block including the near-completed Aloft Hotel (former Tenoke Building).
  11. There were plans by TDOT a few years ago to add a lane of traffic in each direction along I-240/I-69 between the interchanges. Not sure if they included rebuilding the overpasses, retaining walls, etc., but it seems like their focus right now is on more critical/top priority projects including the reconstruction Lamar Avenue/US 78 and the I-55/Crump Interchange currently underway.
  12. The better option would've been to put the pool on the roof like The Commonwealth on Madison has set up. I've never been a fan of surface parking lots as they're the result of very lax regulations from back in the day.
  13. The owners of the Dermon Building downtown have scrapped their plans to convert it into a hotel, and will now put apartments there instead. Historic Dermon Building renovation includes apartments, outdoor pool, dog park By Neil Strebig, The Daily Memphian https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/30137/memphis-downtown-dermon-building-renovation-pilot-apartments-pool-dog-park-mixed-use-ground-floor
  14. It's also not up to current seismic codes, and would be cost prohibitive to retrofit. There was a discussion about potentially replacing one of the two existing bridges about a year ago at the time the I-40 bridge shutdown happened: https://dailymemphian.com/article/23495/mississippi-river-hernando-desoto-bridge-behind-the-headlines Replacing the I-55 bridge with a new one is a short term solution. However, in the long term, the region needs to have 1-2 more bridge crossings over the Mississippi River (ideally, there should be one built north of I-40 and one south of the city as part of I-69). All of this will require federal funding as well as cooperation between the states and its leaders on all levels.
  15. A lack of federal funding for the project has stalled its completion indefinitely here. Not only that, but large sections of I-69 have still not even be built yet along the rest of the planned route going through Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.
  16. Unlikely we'll see anything get built along Civic Center Plaza any time soon. Also, the Sheraton next door to the convention center changed management teams recently (Davidson replacing Shulte), so it may be a good minute before we see any definitive plans put in place to renovate and/or expand the existing property.
  17. An update on the redevelopment of the former Office Depot site in the Medical District, which now has a name: Vic on Union development at former Office Depot site moves forward By Neil Strebig, Daily Memphian https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/30022/memphis-shelby-county-board-of-adjustment-approves-vic-on-union (Image courtesy of Steinberg Dickey Collaborative)
  18. The warehouse on the corner of Monroe and Lauderdale is NOT a part of those plans (As you can see in that rendering on the left).
  19. I'm not at all worried about the hotel getting built. From what I understood, the biggest issue was the 100% backstop the Carlisles had requested, and that sparked concerns not only from the State Comptroller, but from those who worry it would negatively affect the city's bond rating (the Mayor included). Negotiations on the matter are ongoing and there will likely be a resolution in the coming weeks that will allow construction to start soon after.
  20. Here is a look at the two new buildings being planned on St. Jude's campus: (Image courtesy of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital) https://www.stjude.org/media-resources/news-releases/2022-medicine-science-news/st-jude-announces-expansion-of-strategic-plan-targeting-pediatric-catastrophic-diseases.html The new towers will be located just west of the Chili's Care Center (Note: This is just a rough estimate of the size of the site for those buildings):
  21. More apartments coming to the Medical District: Old Office Depot on Union could become 5-story apartment complex, 7-story parking garage Corinne S Kennedy, Memphis Commercial Appeal https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2022/07/01/news-apartments-in-memphis-medical-district-parking-garage/7792416001/
  22. Victorian Village could be getting a second Bed & Breakfast (the other being the historic James Lee House) if these plans come into fruition: The Lowenstein House in Memphis could soon become a boutique hotel Corinne S Kennedy, Memphis Commercial Appeal https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2022/07/01/memphis-hotels-lowenstein-house-medical-district-development/7792590001/
  23. The Oliver (Phase V of One Beale) is the name of the apartment building currently under construction on the former Nylon Net site. Not this particular project (originally called 339 Square), which was supposed to have been a renovation into 20 apartments and 6 penthouses, but will now become 6-7 stories of new construction based on the application that was filed.
  24. Per WREG this morning, Millington is planning upwards of $300 million in new developments through Tax Increment Financing over the next few years to capitalize on the Blue Oval City project currently underway in Haywood County. https://wreg.com/on-air/live-at-9/live-at-9-300-million-in-tiff-slated-for-major-developments-in-millington/
  25. I kinda wish they would've gone the mixed use route as opposed to just doing full residential (especially with the Falls Building nearby set to become apartments as well). Squeezing in a hotel on the lower levels with some retail on the ground floor would be the best use for the rest of the building when that time comes; however, on-site parking might be the biggest issue that would still need to be ironed out.
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