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  1. Six Flags in New Orleans East to become a world-renowned Sports Park
  2. I do believe that the major anchors are going to be Lowes, Target , JC Pennys or Dillards, and a Super Market (most likely Rouses). Chase bank has already broken ground on their new bank which is located in the town center. I believe that the reps of the town center are going to announce the rest of the anchors in 2008. As a resident of NOE I really appreciate that fact that you would go out of your way to shop in NOE. If you read the forums on NOLA , you'll see the negative comments that are posted about NOE and various neighborhood throughout the city. I know that NOE is going to come back stronger and better, we just need the support from the residents of NewOrleans and Beyond. Here's more on the town center; http://www.neworleanscitybusiness.com/upto...rer=dailyUpdate
  3. JPK, that's exactly what I'm saying, and also I don't want CWL and Jackie on the council together....we would be stuck with CWL either way we vote. Some possible canidates for her seat are Nolan Marshall and Troy Henry of Henry Consulting;
  4. I drive by that site everyday, and it's coming along smoothly. I can't wait either, because I'm tired of driving to metairie every week. If CWL wins the council at large seat , then New Orleans would get a new council person who would help meake that area a much better place.
  5. I found a wonderful story in the New York Times about New Orleans East ..... scroll down and take look at the video to your left; http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/02/us/natio...nyt&emc=rss
  6. This is really good for the New Orleans Medical Industry, hopefully this would attract Doctors from around the world.
  7. The race card agrivates me the most, if the charges would've been dropped against a white person, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would've been in New Orleans before you can say Gumbo. It would have been equally upsetting to me. This city need to wake up and realize , until we all come together as a city Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, etc...... we will never grow and we will be stuck in the same corrupt polotical system.
  8. As much as I want a hospital in New Orleans East , I don't want it to be a public hospital ( I don't like to crowd it attracts) It would be nice to see Methodist and Lakeland redeveloped, Methodist was my hospital and I liked the way it was privately owned. Alot of those corrupt poloticians live in the mansions in New Orleans East i.e copeland my neighbor. I wish we can get rid of both of the cynthias on the council especially Lewis , that lady annoy's me as far as biggie , that's up to gentilly residents.
  9. Well, the Plaza Tower deal is dead due to disagreements with investors; http://blog.nola.com/tpmoney/2007/07/plaza...ld_at_auct.html I just hope that Trump Tower, Tracage, and Krauss developments are built. In response to the hospitals in the east I heard that Methodist Hospital suppose to reopen and/or expand. As for Six Flags some investor is trying to buy it and turn it into a water park , but six flags is waiting on their insurance company. I find it funny that I live in the same neighborhood as the president of New Orleans East Business Association , and I never bother to ask him about this . I have to start talking to him more often.
  10. I've been looking for something related to the Town Center for the longest. Thank you so much for finding this, It would be nice to see a Whole Foods and Macys as their other Anchors. New Orleans East is coming back .... I pray that those slumlords apartments could be torn down. There's a Town Center in the woodlands , tx that's really nice , and I wish we could have the same tenants as they do ; http://town-center.com/
  11. Very well said, Derrick( if it's ok for me to call you that) alot of people growing up in the inner city think that they can't break that cycle of poverty, it is all they know. I wish I was Mayor of this city , because first off before you tell people what they should and should'nt do you have to educate them. Back to the main point if I was Mayor of New Orleans I would have career high schools, a high school for Business, Medicine, Culinary Arts, Cosmotology, and a school of Design. If we implement this plan the kids living in the inner-city would have something to look forward to.
  12. I'm guessing that this is the development where the Four Seasons and Tiffany & Co supposed to be.
  13. I saw that too, maninly younger people which are better for this city. Some may think that I'm crazy ,but in a couple of years I envision New Orleans a s a younger, wealthier, and diverser city. Trust me it can happen.
  14. For the sake of New Orleans Ray Nagin just needs to step down. I know some of you support him ,but this is not the same Ray from pre-katrina. He has racially divided the city even more than before katrina. It just hurts my heart that after a big castrophe like katrina we still can't get our s*it together. I teach my kids that racism isn't allowed in my house, but I don't have that problem , because they know we may be a different color, but they are just like us. Hopefully, this project isn't all the way dead.
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