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  1. I don't have any reports on NCR as an employer.
  2. Does yogurt really turn into cheese?
  3. Mobis on the Kia Campus in West Point is adding 100 positions, reported by the LaGrange News.
  4. Pratt Whitney's adding 180 positions to its plant on US 80, WLTZ reports. It appears some of the jobs from Connecticut plant closings will be going to Singapore and Japan as well.
  5. Pratt Whitney's adding 180 positions to its plant on US 80, WLTZ reports. It appears some of the jobs from Connecticut plant closings will be going to Singapore and Japan as well.
  6. xikartu, I'm not exactly what to make of your statement. There were more people using it at first than I expected. But the City cautioned people from using it because it hasn't yet officially opened and remains 'under construction', which could explain why 'hardly anyone uses it'. They're not supposed to. Which was the reason for my question. What's the hold-up in getting it complete. I agree with your statements re: the original purpose for the rail, by the way.
  7. Your're probably right about the hotel. It's not large enought to spread out like the Holiday Inn next door. I think an Academy would work, though it'd be a tight fit. Holiday Inn would probably like to see some sort of sit down restaurant come in there.
  8. Has anyone heard any plans for the JD Kinder Furniture site at Manchester and Armour Rd as it closes? It's a great location. Could be an Academy Sports or another hotel.
  9. Does anyone know the status of the bike trail? It seems to have just stalled...
  10. The section of Moon Rd from the Bypass to US-27 is set to begin. WRBL Story.
  11. Well that makes sense. The rumors that the earlier layoffs were closer to 1,000 (than the announced 850). This pretty much offsets gains by attracting NCR. This really doesn't bode well for Columbus, and especially downtown Columbus, does it.
  12. Any idea how many local jobs that means? Any corporate jobs? The real local hurt will come when Synovus is bought by another bank. Too many believe that Synovus is so weakened it is now a takeover subject. The Ledger reported it over the weekend, and BizJournals reported it back in June '10 as noted in one of the comments.
  13. Transportation planners need to look at building a Psalmond Rd/US-27Alt interchange. Such an interchange would take much pressure off of the interesection at Beaver Run and US-27Alt (which itself should have been an interchange).
  14. Synovus closing 39 branches and cutting 850 jobs company wide. With branches throughout the Southeast, they are mum so far on where those cuts will be. First half in early 2011, second half later in the year. AJC article here.
  15. 400 to 500 jobs coming to Auburn, reported by O-A News. New companies include Aluminum Technology Schmid North America, Pyongsan America (expansion) and GE Aviation.
  16. Phenix City got an early Christmas present - the Iljin Alabama Corp is bringing 108 jobs,the CLE reports. It's the first Kia supplier for either PC or Columbus. Ilgin received a tax abatement to move into a former textile mill at 14 Downing Drive (inside the former Columbus Carpet Mills building). The tax subsidy is about $7,000 per job over 10 years.
  17. Ditto. These kinds of developments seem so successful everywhere I've seen them. I can't imagine they wouldn't be successful in Columbus.
  18. I haven't seen any numbers of employees losing jobs, but Columbus and Phenix City Shoneys have all closed without much warning. WRBL news story here.
  19. Not directly related to specific jobs... The Georgia Terry College's Selig Center for Economic Development annual Economic Outlook (for 2011) is projecting transportation and warehousing to be leading growth sectors in the state. Columbus proper isn't well positioned for these sectors, but in the metro Auburn-Opelika and LaGrange/Troup along I-85 are. Report attached below and at this link.GA_EconomicOutlook-2011.pdf
  20. I don't put a lot of stock in the "Estimates". In the local area, we know that Russell County in Alabama has built/sold more housing units in the last year for new soldiers coming to Fort Benning than the ACS shows in total people added.... but anyway, a good map and data for the COLA (Columbus-Opelika-LaGrange-Auburn) Economic Region at this link.
  21. I see the Cross Country Plaza shuffle is getting new players. In this Glenwood Development site plan, you can see that Publix moves down to the old Service Merchandise spot opening up a very nice 35,000 +/- spot. The Pet Supermarket is coming to the CCP in this CLE article.
  22. Exciting news. The road will be a good access to have again from the north. Have you seen a project site plan?
  23. The 2011-14 Columbus MPO Transportation Plan is available for your light reading. See the Interestate Poll for a comment on the I-14 plan...! Link to document here.
  24. No, the one in the CLE wouldn't have been available for very long, plus it had a lot of barrels and cones that looked confusing. This photo was in the AJC.
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