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  1. The rents are dirt cheap. Is this section 8?
  2. Audi announced plans for N.America plant. According to edmunds.com Chattanooga's chances are high for landing it. An engine and transmission plant will also be necessary.
  3. VW will export US Passat to S Korea.
  4. The sedan produced at the plant will be called the Passat. VW announced that the plant could produce 500,000 vehicles through expansion of the plant. Timesfree Press Article
  5. 200 employees will be added to install accessories boosting total employment to over 2000
  6. VW has released the first public renderings of the sedan to be produced in Chattanooga. The vehicle will be unveiled at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_185261.asp
  7. VW is seeking Platinum LEED Certification for the plant and is working with the city to tap the old Summit Landfill for methane gas. City council is expected to approve this agreement in the next meeting. It is projected to give the city $70 000 a year in revenue.
  8. The VW plant hired its 1000 employee last week. It is officially half way to its projected 2000 employees. Anonymous sources also state that VW is seriously looking at producing a second vehicle there. If a second line is started production employee and facility size would double. A midsize hybrid or Audi vehicle are likely candidates for additional production. No word on the future engine plant location. I figured it was time to create a Chattanooga VW thread instead of posting everything in "Could VW be in Chattanooga's future"
  9. I do like Knoxville's old neighborhoods and the Old City. Unfortunately, my inlaws live on the far West end of Farragut and we never have enough time when visiting the family to see the "good" parts of Knoxville.
  10. I haven't seen or heard anything new on this one. I also haven't been in town in about a year.
  11. UT has some beautiful buildings and some eyesores. Neyland being an eyesore in my opinion. They have done the same at UT Chattanooga. Lupton Library being an eyesore. Whey didn't UT decide on a common theme for it's buildings?
  12. Maybe Chattanooga should have it's own forum instead of being lumped in E. TN...
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