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  1. You can drive or boat through it. River Canyon Rd/ Mullens Cove Rd. connect to Suck Creek Road and go through the entire canyon, into Marion County
  2. That cloverleaf should be history in the next 5 years. TDOT has finally approved a plan to widen US27/I-124 from I-24 to the already completed section at the Olgati Bridge. The current section will be replaced with a straighter 6 lane freeway, with two lane frontage road on each side. The frontage road will be for local traffic and have traffic lights at 4th, 6th, MLK, and I think Main. The states old proposal back in 1999 had an extensive collecter feeder system and an eight lane expressway. Chattanooga told the state no, because it was going to be approx 4ft from the 3rd story windows at Blue Cross Blue shield, and St. Barnabus Apts.
  3. Chattanooga to get 146 new jobs. Modern Industries Expansion Expected To Add 146 New Jobs. They make seats for vehicles, among other things. It seems these jobs will come at Ohio's expense.
  4. That building was supposed to come down in the late '90s. I don't remember who saved it (he turned it into his residence for a while). All the other buildings were razed for the new building that AG Edwards is in, as well as its parking lots. When the tore down the old buildings a brick wall collapsed and killed one of the workers operating a bulldozer. I remember hearing the crash from the Read House. I used to be a manager there and watched the whole project from the roof, as well as the early stages of the EPB building.
  5. Chattanooga is getting another new restaurant downtown. It will be on the 400 block of Market St. It a new Nestle Tollhouse concept with a sandwich shop.
  6. So its similar to US 27 in Chattanooga. People call it Corridor J, which doesn't show up on most maps.. Wouldn't APD 40 be part of Corridor K then? If I remember Corridor K is from basically Cleveland to Asheville
  7. Thanks Hankster, I took the pictures from one of the Chattanooga Ducks. I have been trying to get around to taking a ride since they began operating in the late '90s.
  8. Chattanoga's Waterfront from the water. Trail of Tears passage Museum Bluffs as seen from below the Market Street Bridge.
  9. Another Chattanooga Condo project $36 million project for North Shore Will be the largest condo development in Chattanooga to date 200 Units when complete Located on North Shore adjacent to Coolidge Park Expansion 3 buildings 1st Building begings later this year 5-6 stories 2nd and 3rd building built as market demands 100k-300k more afforadable than other recent projects 40000 sqft retail
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