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  1. That parking deck looks a little slanted to me. Anybody else think that?
  2. I think they will go ahead and clear it pretty quickly. Not really sure why they would wait.
  3. I could see something 20 stories with a parking deck fitting that spot perfectly! Just a far-fetched dream though.
  4. Well at least Lundy made a decision. I doubt the new owners will wait too long to do something, that's a lot to pay. They probably already have a pretty good idea what's going to be built there.
  5. Yep, I really like the N&O sketch. Looks like a new tallest pushing 35 or stories and a 20 story in the back. That would be a huge skyline changer, from every direction.
  6. You have to wonder had the group from Austin won the bid there would be at least a crane on that site now.
  7. Green_Man, I like it! That block has so much potential.
  8. I was in Wilmington on Monday and took this photo.
  9. Trent, agree about 325 feet. Charter South is 215 and 11 floors. Add 11 more apartment floors at say 10 each and it should be in the 325 area.
  10. I wonder if it will look at all like Charter South or completely different, perhaps a different shade of glass.
  11. It's April. Why does it seem to take so long to get anything built downtown? Thank you Mr. Kane for the Dillon! We've been talking about some of these same projects for years and years and they keep getting dragged out and out and out. I wanted to see some of these buildings get built before I'm dead and gone! Geez.
  12. This is going to transform that area a lot. The office tower will probably appear taller than 17-18 floors.
  13. KJHburg....thanks for the photos!
  14. Green_Man.......excellent find! I like it! Nice clean dt high-rise.
  15. I like the SECU building also. I think they will regret one day not going taller.
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