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  1. 301 Hillsborough

    You have to wonder had the group from Austin won the bid there would be at least a crane on that site now.
  2. Charter Square (Site One)

    Green_Man, I like it! That block has so much potential.
  3. New Embassy Suites Hotel

    I was in Wilmington on Monday and took this photo.
  4. Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    Trent, agree about 325 feet. Charter South is 215 and 11 floors. Add 11 more apartment floors at say 10 each and it should be in the 325 area.
  5. Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    I wonder if it will look at all like Charter South or completely different, perhaps a different shade of glass.
  6. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    It's April. Why does it seem to take so long to get anything built downtown? Thank you Mr. Kane for the Dillon! We've been talking about some of these same projects for years and years and they keep getting dragged out and out and out. I wanted to see some of these buildings get built before I'm dead and gone! Geez.
  7. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    This is going to transform that area a lot. The office tower will probably appear taller than 17-18 floors.
  8. Durham City Center Tower

    KJHburg....thanks for the photos!
  9. HIllsborough St,/Harrington/West block

    Green_Man.......excellent find! I like it! Nice clean dt high-rise.
  10. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    I like the SECU building also. I think they will regret one day not going taller.
  11. Durham is really on the move. I like both of these buildings! Both will look good in that area.
  12. Charter Square (Site One)

    Gosh has anyone heard anything about Charter North? It seems to have just died.
  13. The Edison

    Jones_ I thought the same thing. I actually think Highwoods will act on this pretty quickly. Maybe it will motivate Hobgood to follow soon across the street.
  14. The Edison

    Nice design. Seems to fit well in that spot. My guess is around 300 feet.
  15. 301 Hillsborough

    It would be nice to see different angles of this rendering. It appears they had to build around the Saucer building, thus making the closer tower shaped differently than the other. I'm sure the money paid for the block they were trying to get their moneys worth! I'm afraid the height limits will bring more of the same down the road.