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  1. I actually like the tower, but i'm doubtful this is the absolute final rendering. I like that the glass bows out a little bit to make it appear more rounded. The logo isn't that big of a deal for me, given that the tower won't be that tall.....and by that time it will probably be completely dwarfed by many other buildings in uptown, so that it's not that noticeable like the buildings in Jacksonville. I hope once the tower is complete, it retains the stark white color in the rendering...so maybe they wont use super cheap materials.
  2. Will any of the new condo developments be near the Village?
  3. NCtarheel

    The Vue

    How big exactly are these 'studio' units....and is it ok to assume that these will be the units priced around 200k? I wonder....who would drop 200k on a studio apartment when they could pay less than that for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom somewhere out in the burbs (and have enough money left over to buy the car they'd undoubtedly have to have)? I'm just curious as to the market for these small, but not really cheap, studios?
  4. I love this design! one question---what colors are going to be used? It'd be really nice if the swoopy, metal part outside was a slight bronzey color. I don twant to see huge red/blue elements, while keeping it silvery will make it look a little samey i think.
  5. What are the advantages of Atlanta? Are there any teams/important organizations operating there?
  6. Or....they could just put a racetrack in downtown! just think....pro football, pro basketball and pro racing all within the loop. ok i'm just joking, but i really hope charlotte gets this. It'd be a great addition to downtown and there'd be lots of development around wherever they decided to place it
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