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  1. Brian, you are 110% right. Bill Joyce should be doing anything and everything he can to get Disney to put an animation studio here. He also very well might be. I do not know a lot about what he does around the area, but from what I can tell, he loves Shreveport. I remember him coming to my school when I was in kindergarten or first grade. This was probably about 23 or so years ago. Now, he is very famous and accomplished. I am very proud he is from Shreveport to be honest.
  2. Ok guys, this pics SUCK!!! I had my cell phone camera on low resolution apparently. These are less than email size and their blurry, so I hope you have good eyes! This what's going on beside Dick's.... and this is next to Youree.... Next time I'll check my setting if I am using my cell, because this is ridiculous!
  3. Yes, I must also say that "announcement" was pretty stupid. Anyway. Did anyone see the announcement of the "virtual cyber command?" It was in the Shreveport Times a few days ago. Here is the link to the Air Force's story: AFCYBER headquarters staff to operate virtually I'm pretty disappointed that we on got 36 "billets" which was 4th behind Scott AFB (69), Langley AFB (58) and Lackland AFB (43). Is this thing slipping away? One more thing. There is major happenings at Regal Court. I was over there a couple of times this week, because we bought a car from Chevyland. There are walls going up beside Dick's and next to Youree behind TWO more pads fronting Youree! I was pretty excited. I asked our salesman what he was hearing and he said Dave and Buster's! I took a couple of pics with my cell phone. I am going to post them on the pictures forum. Check them out, I'm not sure how good they will be!?!?
  4. I wasn't talking about gondola boats, I was speaking of the type of gondolas that they use on mountains! Probably the same thing as the trolleys you are speaking of. That would be psycho to have those boats on that river. That would be freakin' hilarious though! I also wonder what is at the bottom of that river, but I don't want to be the one to find it! Are gondolas/trolleys what they have in Little Rock? I haven't seen them. I think that it would be cool here. I have not seen the work, but I did see a story about it on the news today. I think they said it should be complete in like 9 months. I think this is access for the parkway to I-20. Is that right?
  5. Though some in Shreveport may not like it, it seems being heavy handed is the only way to get things done over there. It's just unbelieveable there is so much resistance when good things happen or are proposed. Those that complain how much Shreveport spends are the same ones that probably not paying any taxes. They either rent or do not own property of sufficient value to be taxed on. Even though they make so much noise about these things, I believe they are in the minority. Could you imagine Lo Walker proposing this in Bossier? I doubt you would hear many complaining. Yes, there were some that complained about the LB parking garage and the Benton Rd overpass, but certainly not the uproar the Hilton caused in Shreveport. Could you imagine if the CTC was built on the other side of Bass Pro? That would have been amazing. If the LB and CTC came in reverse order, you never know, you may have seen that. Mayber Bossier could jump on Shreveport's idea of an aquarium and build it over by Bass Pro. It would be a good match! It would not be the first time Bossier ran with one of Shreveport's ideas! The pedestrian bridge would be awesome, but here's an idea....Gondolas Over the Red! That would be a cool ride. Maybe see through bottoms on the gondolas?
  6. Wellllll, I guess I'll let it slide. It would be a great attraction. You never know, while Shreveport does their "studies" Bossier may build it! Just think how far ahead Shreveport would be if they had spent all the money they spent on the Red River Entertainment District on an aquarium instead. I hope they follow through and do it soon. Richy, what you said is exactly the reason Shreveport needs to do this. If you were in town, you would go across the river to an aquarium. Shreveport needs to draw some of those LB visitors to their side of the river. Some restaurants and bars are not going to do it, LB has that and they did a better job too. I think Shreveport is on the right track with this. They just need to follow through and do it right.
  7. Awesome! I hope it is sooner rather than later. I hate most of the posters on the Times, they are so negative. I would like to see a donor drive started for a general construction fund if Shreveport is serious about this. I would donate to an aquarium fund. Have all the casinos and big businesses in town donate, it would be in their interest to bring in more family friendly venues. I know when we are out of town and in a larger city we are looking for an aquarium to take the kids to. It would be great for kids and it would compliment SciPort. My daughter is in kindergarten and they have taken, I think, four field trips to SciPort this year. By the way, I think we had this Bryan and you said no. Sneaky, sneaky.
  8. Sweet! We knew it had to be either Red Lobster or Longhorn. Now someone needs to go ask those guys what the L they are doing over there at Regal Court!
  9. I just caught some bad news on ESPN. Les Miles has dismissed Ryan Perrilloux from the team. I hate this has happened, but it seems that Les HAD to do it. This is Les Miles statement from LSUSports.net.
  10. I believe that I did. If I remember correctly, I think they were hiring managers for Shreveport and Bossier. We know there is suppose to be a Longhorn going in at Stirling Bossier and I assume that the Shreveport location would be the old Smokey Bones. WEll, call it more of a guess.
  11. Cool! I was out there on Friday and I was checking out what you were posting about last week. I saw the two foundations being worked on at Regal Court and the dumpster and work being done on Smokey Bones. Could you tell if it looked more in line of becoming a Red Lobster or a Longhorn Steakhouse?
  12. I am proud of all the LSU Tigers (drafted or not) and all our state talent! Way to go Louisiana! As for the Green Bay QB situation, I have had a hard time believing that Brett will stay retired (especially after his Letterman appearance) but the Packers seem to be trying to ensure he does not come back. They are retiring his number in the FIRST game of the year! After his Letterman appearance they placed him on the reserve/retired list and have now drafted two quarterbacks. If he wanted to come back, if Ted Thompson wanted to keep his job, they could not deny him. He's not going to play anywhere but Green Bay. I wish that he would have played another year or two, because I think he has it in him. I also believe that they would have had an excellent shot at winning a SuperBowl, but I think that is now gone. I was depressed for about a week after he retired! I am a huge GB and Brett Favre fan. I am giving Aaron Rodgers a chance, but in my heart I am pulling for Matt Flynn to become the man in Green Bay!
  13. So far so good. 3rd #68 Chevis Jackson to Atlanta #69 Jacob Hester to San Diego #81 Early Doucet to Arizona 4th #120 Craig Steltz to Chicago 5th #137 John David Booty to Minnesota (I must add that I hate this happened. I am a huge Packers fan and they traded this pick to Minnesota. I think that they are possibly a good QB away from being a very, very good team. I hope this does not come back to haunt Green Bay.) 7th #209 Matt Flynn to Green Bay #232 Keith Zinger to Atlanta Ali Highsmith and Jonathan Zenon were undrafted.
  14. Yeah, it seems that KC wanted Dorsey and weren't going to give him to the Saints. Who could blame them. They are getting one of the best DTs that has came out of college in a while, a guy with NO character issues and someone that will do a lot in the community. I'm not mad at the Saints either, we know they tried to move up. I also still think the Shocky trade could happen, I just wonder what the Saints will end up giving for him. I didn't know that Porter and Williams are from Louisiana, but it figures. We produce so many good players it is unreal. It's evidence of the stats you posted earlier. I could definitely see Doucet, Booty, Jackson, Steltz, Zenon and Highsmith going in the 3rd to 4th rounds. I think that anyone who takes a chance on Hester and Flynn may just be surprised. Let's face it, they are not typical NFL players but those two have some intangibles. Hester being so determined and Flynn having so much poise, it just seems as though someone should give them a shot. I guess we'll see tomorrow!
  15. Hmmmm...that desert sounds very interesting. I do not eat egg drop soup, but my wife does. I'm sorry but it just looks like something dirty. I am anxious to go try it out. When I do get to go I will report back! Thanks for the tip on good Chinese! On the Cracker Barrel subject, if they put one over here it would save a lot on gas. Now, that trip costs like 3-4 gallons of gas or $10 - $14. That's almost as much as it costs to eat there!
  16. Man, I wish the Saints would have been able to get Dorsey! It sounded like they talked to teams 2-5 and they just couldn't move up. I think he would have been good for the team and good for the City of New Orleans. Also on the LSU front, I cannot believe that Early Doucet has now fallen to the 2nd day, wow. I am also suprised that the Shockey trade still has not happened, and may not now that the Saints have used their 2nd round pick. Today has not went as I hoped it would.
  17. Yeah, Grandy's was pretty darn good. I feel the same description fits Cracker Barrel. It's good, cheap home cookin'! I love going there for breakfast. I can take my whole family and eat for less than $20! The same almost applies for dinner. Oh, how I wish there was one in Bossier. Since they seem to always be on the outskirt of a city (at least it seems that way to me) I thought that right around LA Downs would be a good place for one. Yum! Tell me about Great Wall and were it is. I'm always looking for good Chinese food.
  18. I'm with you. The first image that came to my mind when I read rug store was the Pierre Bossier rug store. Lately when I have been in Shreveport I have been seeing them do the dirt work on that corner. I am ecstatic to know there are now foundations being poured! As for the old Smoky Bones, I have thought that common sense says to turn it into a Red Lobster or a Longhorn Steakhouse. You own the building, use it! Or even better, it could be the Capital Grille we heard about! Anyway. I have also often wondered why Bossier does not have a Cracker Barrel. I would love to see one over here. I really hate having to drive all the way to the other side of Shreveport to eat there. Yes, we actually do it sometimes. It's stupid considering the price of gas. One more thing, and this just may be news to me, but I heard that a Lee Michaels is being built on the old Youree Grandy's site. Am I late on this?
  19. This sounds supa dupa! It's nice to be on a list with Phoenix, Dallas and OKC. I wonder what our chances are?
  20. I really wish that I would have seen them hanging from the side of the building! Both times I went by, there wasn't anyone up there. I looks awesome though. When are you going to post some pictures?
  21. Well, I know it was for the bar! I just haven't heard anything about it recently and was suprised to see the sign going up, ON THE SIDE OF THE HOTEL! That's a pretty cool way to get some attention for something new. Someone ought to pat the Horseshoe Marketing Department on the back for that one!
  22. Anyone seen the CMT Crossroads sign on the side of the Horseshoe Hotel? They were putting it up when I went to Shreveport, and when I came back by it was done. I looks kinda cool! Anyone know what's going on with it?
  23. Yeah, I was in west Shreveport and Bossier today and it rained most of the time I was out there. There was no snow on the ground either. As for Haughton, it has done nothing but snow here today! It JUST stopped! Check out this picture of the houses down my street.
  24. I second that! I loved Tony Roma's! I was not at all happy when it closed. The best was the Carolina Honeys ribs and chicken wings. Ummmm....I can taste them now!
  25. Well, whoever is doing the name dropping is doing those developments a disservice. It makes those developments very disappointing to me. Anyway. I have been wondering, did that Bombay store beside Pier 1 in Shreveport close? It looks closed to me, but I wasn't sure. I also thought that Longhorn bypassed Shreveport for Bossier, but I'm not so sure. Their website is hiring managers for Shreveport and Bossier. You know that the company that owns Longhorn (Darden Restaurants) has that empty BBQ restaurant over in front of Circuit City. They could always revamp it and move in. It's just a thought.
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