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  1. http://imageshack.us/a/img94/2704/1miu.jpg Quick shot while driving
  2. Just a listing by what Emporis lists 01. SunTrust Center 134 m 1988 02. The Peabody Orlando Ex.. 130 m 2010 03. The Vue at Lake Eola 130 m 2007 04. Orange County Courthou.. 127 m 1997 05. Bank of America Center 123 m 1988 06. SkyTower 122 m 1973 07. 55 West on the Esplana.. 115 m 2008 08. Solaire at the Plaza 109 m 2006 09. Dynetech Centre 109 m 2008 10. Orlando International .. 105 m 2002 The county courthouse was deliberately built shorter than DuPont Centre (now BoA) so as not to offend the business community. The VUE (which is apparently 2' shorter than BoA according to a quick Google), ^ {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} ?
  3. solaricfission

    Amway Center

    Thank you, Hardly that's why I only shot from one side. To many bums to feel safe I kept the camera detached from tripod to use as a weapon while I was being followed back to my car. It was of course 4 am.
  4. solaricfission

    Amway Center

    Sorry for the dirty lens.
  5. solaricfission

    Amway Center

    Its just art hanging from a fixture similar to the butterfly at Neiman Marcus or at Midway in Chicago.
  6. solaricfission

    Amway Center

    Here are some pics not the greatest but for those who don't make it downtown.
  7. Beacon hasn't closed they are still open, Graze and Sanctuary Dinner closed. Some would say because of the rude service other would say from a huge charity event when time came to pay the check bounced who knows. The two restaurants across the street at 101 are supposed to be open for July 4!
  8. Took these in the past few weeks.
  9. solaricfission

    Amway Center

    Sorry for the horrible shots but an update none the less. Saw the form work going up for the second floor for the spire.
  10. solaricfission

    55 West

    the crest is lit up for everyone who complained about the lighting scheme.
  11. ptdavid took those shots not metrowester
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