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  1. Urbanfan, Thanks so much for the info.......Yeah I noticed that too about one way in and one way out. I think that community is absolutely beautiful, I mean the lawns and everything is so well kept. Yeah, my aunt likes to have nice things...so I know that neighborhood fits her, plus they are older people.
  2. Russ, I saw in another thread that you work in Hampton...So I guess I answered my on question. The reason I was asking is because I had some family that was moving down south from NY, and they were deciding between VA & SC. Well they chose VA, and settled into Hampton. They moved into a section of Hampton called Farmington(off of Todds Ln & Farmington Blvd). Now being from NYC(Bronx) you only see neighborhoods like that in Riverdale(wealthy sec. of the BX) Westchester Co., Rockland Co, and most of L.I. My question to you... is Farmington considered a good neighborhood in the Hampton Roads Area? I mean with all the new developments and all, do neighborhoods like this lose their appeal to the transplants & younger people looking to purchase a home or their very first home. IMHO, I would move to Farmington @ the drop of a dime. It seems like a nice place to raise a family...
  3. Russ, I don't have any pics to post, but I do have a question. Are you very fimiliar with Hampton?
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