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    Professional singer/gig whore, FSU grad class of '93, avid music collector(favs at the moment: elbow, muse, dave bazan, halloween alaska, hybrid...), and urban growth makes me tickle where i tinkle
  1. yeah, i'm actually booked on a VA fight for thanksgiving day. i bought it a few months ago. was surprised to see the fares even existed, much less affordable and available! wow. i haven't posted on here in ages. i guess thinking of coming home for t-day (and the FSU/uf game) made me come back and see how things were. good to see some new blood!
  2. then i guess thats the same building as Electric Ave. i just remember another bar across the street, that i thought might have been Nickel's Alley. anyone remember what that bar was called?
  3. ok, i know i'm waaaaaaaaaaaay after the fact on this conversation, but i've just been through a horrible two week move process and finally have time to catch up on my forums! ugh. i won't comment on anything previously posted (even though it was a great read, you guys really know your retail history!) but i will help metrowester out on one thing. the teen club that went in on Amelia that you were thinking of, was called Electric Ave. and had a very devout crowd. it was the first place i started "hanging out" at. i remember seeing my first concert there (Love & Rockets: the Bubblemen tour). i also remember hearing about the fights that would happen because the hip/hop kids owned saturday night and the punks owned friday night. i think that is what led to it catching fire and the owners moving it out to claricona and renaming it. but i actually think Nickel's Alley might have been across the street from Electric Ave. anyway, thanks for taking me down memory lane!
  4. Whipp

    The Plaza

    anybody know how many screens they are gonna have?
  5. Whipp

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    yeah, my parents are having rat problems too and they live in rosemont on a cul de sac
  6. Whipp

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    i do think the "under the bridge" project (and i hope thats what they end up calling it) could have the potential of being an identifiable trait of downtown. if they do it right, it could be fairly unique.
  7. wow! even 55w looks gorgeous in these pics! great job!
  8. Whipp

    The Plaza

    count your blessings, premium in LA has hit $4.85. i know its all relevant.
  9. Whipp

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    in light of todays commuter rail fiasco, i say we bus them to LAKELAND!
  10. Whipp

    The Plaza

    this is like watching frasier and niles crane get thrown into a free for all mud wrestling match.
  11. Whipp

    The Plaza

    looks reeeeeal hoppin.
  12. you LIKE me!! you REALLY LIKE me!!!
  13. this discussion, while certainly vibrant and full of interesting insight, does NOT belong in this thread! would someone please move this over to the "things i'd like to see downtown" thread so we can keep this "orlando pics" call me a purest.
  14. i agree on everything but the "green space" thing. many urban places are very green. atlanta is the first one that comes to mind. seattle is another. you fly into either and its trees trees everywhere. and i love seeing pics of those cities as well as orlando rising about the trees. i've lived in both of these places and can vouch for the fact that they are very urban yet keep their "greenness" i think the last thing orlando needs to do is start clearing out its green for the sake of becoming more urban. but i don't want to take away from your other points. lets keep the chain crap outta the core so we can develop a real character.
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