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  1. These conversations are great, but has anyone written an email to Governor Rell, Commerce chairman Gary LeBeau, Mayor Perez, Larry Gottesdiener, the Senate President? We need to be doing these things.
  2. Yeah, Bettman is fooling no one. Who can absorb those kind of losses these days? Who would want to for a hockey team in Arizona? He is crazy! The problem is that the team has a long lease...a condition for getting a new building. So the only way out of that is to file for bankruptcy, which may ultimately end up happening. We can't start dreaming until we get a new building.
  3. Doesn't the CDA and the state own the rights to the Whalers name? Why not start selling Whalers merchandise to raise revenues for a new arena?
  4. Yes, the city has chosen the site, so no sense debating alternative sites. This is also going to require a lot of public money. But that should be expected. All new arenas in similar size cities require a great deal of public financing. As for attendance going up for AHL, they are anticipating a jump in interest because of the new arena. Studies show that attendance increases in a new building, even when the product remains the same. However, let's hope there is more talk about bringing an NHL or NBA team here!!!
  5. I agree. With a new arena, Hartford has a shot at the NHL when it expands again...most likely in 5 years...by two teams. I for one will go to more WP games.
  6. I agree that they have the money. But I don't think they will invest that kind of money in renovating their arena for an AHL team. The return on their investment would not be worth it.
  7. Mohegan Sun arena does not have the infrastructure necessary to support an ice surface. Remember that an ice arena is larger than basketball and MSA is suited for basketball. America West Arena in Phoenix had the same issue. It was built for hoops and when the Coyotes moved there, they had about 2000 obstructed view seats. In addition, there is no freezing component or chillers in the floor of MSA. It won't happen. The WP are likely to stay in Hartford for one or two years max to give both sides time. MSG to find a new home and Larry time to find a new AHL team.
  8. The decision will be made at 1pm. I fully expect them to stick with MSG. It is interesting that per the numbers put forth in today's Courant. Larry's 1a bid (to take over the lease) and Baldwin's are the most cost effective for the state and will minimize the state's risk. However, the CDA will defend their dealings with MSG.
  9. It will be at the LOB. It is Raised Bill No. 7303. If you plan on attending, you will be limited to 3 minutes to speak..and they will hold you to that. In the alternative, you could write to the chairs of the Committee. I believe they are Berger and LeBeau.
  10. Just an FYI, on Tuesday at 1, the Commerce Committee will hold a public hearing on a raised bill that will allow the CCEDA to conduct a feasibility study of building a new arena downtown.
  11. As an FYI, the bids to the CDA for the HCC were revised on Friday. A decision is due by the end of the month.
  12. Richard Mulready has never been a big supporter of bringing the NHL back. Having said that, when he was questioned by the legislature's Commerce Committee last year he indicated that the CDA would look at things entirely differently if we were talking NHL. Well, guest what Richie, we are!!! The CDA HAS to look at this in terms of the highest and best use for Hartford, not themselves!
  13. I didn't see the speech, only reporting what was said. But I cannot emphasize enough that you make your voices heard NOW through an email to those folks at the CDA. Tell them, this is not solely an economic decision.
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