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    VCU Health Outpatient Facility Tower (16-17 Stories)

    "Starting tonight, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m., East Leigh St. will be blocked off eastbound between 10th and 11th Streets, and 11th St. between Clay and Leigh Streets, for a crane installation."
  2. blake_p

    Richmond's Bicycle Infrastructure

    Ashland is going to start work on their section of the Ashland Trolley line Trail:
  3. blake_p

    Richmond Developments

    Good news, VDOT is starting work on the Huguenot and River Rd. intersection near UR: This should make it easier to get from the Huguenot Bridge to the old road (Gambles Mill) between UR and CCVA, then you can cut up through the neighborhood to Three Chopt and Grove. Richmond also has plans in the works for a shared use path on Jahnke: So in a couple of years, things should/might be better.
  4. blake_p

    Richmond Breweries

    One more for the list... Final Gravity* (Henrico - Lakeside)
  5. blake_p

    15(+) Story Office Building Planned for Downtown

    The tower crane is coming down today.
  6. blake_p

    Richmond off-topic postings

    So far so good. Lots of rain, flooding on I-95 and hail.
  7. blake_p

    Richmond Developments

    Downtown photos from this morning:
  8. blake_p

    Rockett's Landing

    New Mater Plans have been posted. Interactive: PDF:
  9. blake_p

    15(+) Story Office Building Planned for Downtown

    It looks like they've finished up the fourth floor of parking and are starting on the 5th and final parking deck floor. Then it's onto the office tower portion. It looks like they've installed some (test?) pieces of glass on the river side of the building:
  10. blake_p

    Richmond Developments

    I took a run downtown this afternoon (should have brought a camera)... The walls of the old Reynolds metals building on the Canal Walk are almost all down. The Marriots on Cary St. in Shockoe Slip are starting on the second floor. The new apartments on Tobacco Row look nice. They're doing interior work now. The empty space next to MeadWestVaco would be a great spot for a signature tower.
  11. blake_p

    Proposed: Echo Harbour

    The current proposal:
  12. The architecture is uninspired. They didn't restore the street grid (5th & 6th Streets). Hull St. side looks more like suburban Broad St. than downtown Broad St. It's all pedestrian unfriendly and car oriented. If they're targeting people working downtown, why not do something to improve or promote the transit options - it's on the 63, 63, 67 and 74 bus routes that all go right downtown. And the only connection to the river is a tiny future connection to the Floodwall.
  13. Reynolds South potential renderings and site plan: \
  14. blake_p

    Richmond Developments

    The rendering shows the Pavilion on the north side of Broad at 17th - where the hotel and Kroger in the most Shockoe Ballpark plans is located.