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  1. I like hearing about Port news and the industrial development going on down there. I agree with the ideas of providing extra services to the customers of the port, but I have never found out why we were unable to build the port power plant down there. Just wondered if anyone else knew anything. I think maybe it had something to do with the permitting process.
  2. Aw now, south Bossier ain't so bad. After a while you don't even notice the trains. They become a part of your routine. Both planes and trains together beats some other problems we could have.
  3. Actually south Bossier is growing quite a bit, tho' not as rapidly as the north end. Check out the Savannah Place and the south end of Golden Meadows, some empty Southgate lots and the Gardens of Southgate and Tara. The 71 to Jimmie Davis traffic during morning rush is rapidly becoming bumper to bumper, I kid you not. I don't ever see commercial development ever being strong down here, however. Fairly easy access into southeast Shreveport shopping will prevent that as well as a tight traffic situation. BTW- Why shouldn't Airline be allowed to use the complete facility of the former BPCC campus? Does BPCC still hold any classes there? I think it's ridiculous not to be able to.
  4. Everyday I pass this on I-49 but only occasionally do I get a glimpse of it. Just wondered the other day what was going on there at the old Fountain Towers. Well this is a surprise! Really cool! Would like to check it out just for curiousity's sake.
  5. Your welcome, man-and I think John is mine too. Do you know if he has ever won any of those awards like athena, etc.? I think he would be a good candidate.
  6. Oh yes Brian, I am talking about you! You definitely have the boosterism. I have it once more. Wish everyone had it in the metro area! And John Good is really great for our area.
  7. I agree. The trailer parks and sales lots do look terrible. I wish there was a way to instill civic pride in those owners. Enjoy seeing Shreveport-Bossier grow in many ways. Mr. Good is good for the metro area! Too bad we can't elected he and Brian as "regional metro presidents"!
  8. Riverrat

    Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    Hi gentlemen-glad you got to meet. Say, Mr. Meatball is one cool dude. I would like a mini-sized MrM for my dash. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all and a very happy New Year. Hugh Riverrat
  9. It's good to be back, Brian. I have a lot of catching up to do. want to go to uptown Starbucks asap.
  10. This is very true FiLA, I have had more bad cups of coffee from the gas stations than anywhere. No one ever cleans the pots and some brands of coffee are not very tasty. This is one thing I can call myself passionate about. Had a great cup of coffee after dinner coffee (with Bailey's Irish Creme) at Don's Seafood sat. night. Tops off that wonderful bread pudding so well!
  11. Oh Hi everyone! My computer has been on the blink and finally got it back and running (what a nightmare). People think I'm crazy for paying so much for a cup of joe, but I absolutely love Starbucks. Being on the road all day and subjected to lousy coffee which I call "potrot", I long to hi t SB's. Love it.