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  1. I agree. We've actually discussed that view here before. The consensus was that it is a difficult shot to capture, but if you can pull it off (safely), I'd love to see it!
  2. matt

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    Wow, Frankie! You weren't driving, were ya?
  3. matt

    Oh the weather outside is...

    I live 10 miles from my office. It took me 4.5 hours to get home.
  4. Oh, sweet! Thanks Recchia! I've always wondered how the view was
  5. matt

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    I'm going to paint my house green to save on energy bills.
  6. Playin' a G for George.
  7. matt

    Lil' Rhody Lounge | Off-topic posting

    So, I just noticed that with all the construction downtown, my avatar is now out of date. COTUIT!! HELP!
  8. Man, you should totally recognize that building in the background
  9. Frankie, nice looking camera!