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  1. I agree. We've actually discussed that view here before. The consensus was that it is a difficult shot to capture, but if you can pull it off (safely), I'd love to see it!
  2. Wow, Frankie! You weren't driving, were ya?
  3. I live 10 miles from my office. It took me 4.5 hours to get home.
  4. Oh, sweet! Thanks Recchia! I've always wondered how the view was
  5. I'm going to paint my house green to save on energy bills.
  6. So, I just noticed that with all the construction downtown, my avatar is now out of date. COTUIT!! HELP!
  7. Man, you should totally recognize that building in the background
  8. Welcome to the forum, Giggles! Be careful over there ;-)
  9. Projo: Cianci changes job to return to Providence
  10. if you have a passport, you could use that instead of your license.
  11. Sorry, but I see this more as a loss of one of my favorite venues. I thought the RI gay nightlife was in good standing? I think having great clubs in Boston is only a boost to PVD, as we have such good access to bean town. I think Cotuit told me he was at the infamous Green Day concert at the Hatch. Is that right? Ah, good times. I saw a lot of good FNX shows @ the hatch including The Catherine Wheel, TMBG, Ozomatli, ... Ok, I rambling.
  12. Does anyone remember the WFNX/Phoenix Best Music Poll concerts on Landsdown St in the 90s? One ticket got you: street stage, Axis, Avalon, Mamma Kin, Bill's Bar, Karma Club, Atlas, music all day and evening and sausage vendors on the street. It was how I celebrated the end of the spring semester every year in college.
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :cry: The Avalon is one of my favorite places to see a band. Some of the best concerts I've ever been to have been there. The article suggests small venues are a thing of the past, but I think small venues are the BEST place to see live music; where you feel intimately connected to the performer. I don't disagree with the idea of making a new larger music venue, but does that mean we have to sacrifice all the small ones?
  14. I think a stop by the Cookie Jar is in order, too.
  15. Speaking of soft serve, Mr. Lemon is open.
  16. I heard them too. Wasn't McCoy Stadium going to have fireworks tonight?
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