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  1. crossroad

    Thinking about moving to Providence?

    Is there a website where the police department publishes crime statistics by zip or street intersection in Rhode Island?
  2. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    Frontier is still in Minneapolis
  3. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport An FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport. What music was it? I liked the music.
  4. crossroad

    Memphis Pictures

    Really appreciate it man.
  5. crossroad

    Moving to Memphis?

    Also check out: It's loaded with info.
  6. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    The MEM AMS flight is a success story... Is local pax as high as 50%?? I'm surprised. If NWA promote Elvis/MEM in Japan and if the market was good, why did it stop that international route then? It seems a consensus that we want a hub city status and welcome more competition and less monopoly. Southwest is big in Dallas Love Field; it grows so big that it started to threaten City of Dallas that it would move its HDQ somewhere else if the Wright Amendment were not removed. I hope Memphis/MEM play a wise game in those deals.
  7. crossroad

    Memphis Pictures

    otacon, what lens/camera were you using when taking the clark tower picture? Thanks.
  8. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    It's macroeconomics, not "you can save a few bucks". I understand every benefit of having a hub here and the economic repercussions of de-hubbing it. However, I was not suggesting to de-hub MEM. It does offer a lot of convenience plus the hub city status where its residents can brag about (no offense, at the expense of high cost of doing business for local economy and residents and visitors alike)... I was saying that the monopolistic situation at MEM by NWA is hurting everyone due to the high fares that every Memphian business and visitor are ENJOYING. If you look at major cities in the country, it is hard to find a Memphis-sized metro without decent low cost carrier operations. It's called OPTIONS for the travelers and firms, people. Introduction of low cost carriers will break the monopoly of ONE CARRIER, lower the cost of firms' doing business, send out a signal of free competition/market economy, and attract more business relocations. IN that sense, more traffic through the airport means more passengers can utilize the hub for transfer so that the hub could even be built stronger. In one word, I am not a fan of monopoly. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOTH A HUB AND MORE LOW COST CARRIER OPERATION TO ACHIEVE A BETTER FUTURE? By the way, do you have source of your 30%local 70%connecting statistics? I thought the O/D traffic should be higher considering MEM only handles a few millions passengers a year. Thanks.
  9. crossroad

    Moving to Memphis?

    Anyone applying for a Tennessee driver license as of May 29, 2004 must show proof of either U.S. citizenship of lawful permanent residency. This new law requires that anyone issued a Tennessee driver's license since January 1, 2001, as well as first-time applicants, be required to provide documentation they are either a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident at the time of their first renewal. In these instances, you may not renew by mail or by the internet; you will be required to visit a Driver License Station.
  10. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    I understand what you say. However, the 2.5 Million people in Memphis metro are paying a lot more for travelling due to the dominance of NWA. With less monopoly of NWA, more convention business will come to Memphis. So will tourist and entrepreneurs. I am really not sure whether NWA's monopoly is good or bad for the entire region. But one thing is, for sure, we WILL NOT LOSE 75% of our nonstop flights. Other carriers will add memphis to their map or fly more frequency, as long as there is demand. I don't like monopoly in a free market!!!!!!!!!! It hurts everyone!
  11. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    The Wright Amendment? It's gone, since 2006!
  12. crossroad

    Memphis International Airport

    I was making an air reservation from DFW to MEM and found MEM is expensive to fly to. For instance, all on a coach class for a round trip in early Feb 2007: DFW- MEM, $421 non-stop, $265 one-stop, coach class (1.4 hours' trip) DFW- Las Vegas, $223 non-stop, $244 one-stop, coach class (3.0 hours' trip) DFW-ATL, $218 non-stop, $232 one-stop, coach class (2 hours' trip ) MEM is the shortest flight, but was 90% more expensive than LAS and ATL to fly from DFW on non-stop flights. It is also 10 - 20% more expensive for a one-stop flight. I was APPALLED to see this airfare. No low cost carrier is based in MEM but both ATL and LAS have low cost airline hub/base, which help keep airfare low. MEM does need some low cost carriers to join the competition, badly. Lower airfare sure will benefit local business and tourism, especially the local entrepreneurs. It even helps the legacy carriers as well, to become leaner and more efficient in managing operations. Thoughts?
  13. crossroad

    Moving to Memphis? A lot of counties in TN do enforce the 2003 building codes;
  14. crossroad

    Moving to Memphis?

    Mods, could you consolidate the above earthquake preparedness posts to start a new thread? We didn't want to scare our potential new Memphians away! Where is the Overton Square? Is the malco Studio on the Square on that same SQUARE as well? How far are they from the Cooper-Young area? Here, the Cooper refers to the S/N Cooper St. in midtown or the Sam Cooper Blvd? Does anyone have a map to indicate physical locations of them altogether? Many maybe confused with the locations just like me... Thanks.