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  1. Is there a website where the police department publishes crime statistics by zip or street intersection in Rhode Island?
  2. Also check out: http://www.mymemphis.tv/ It's loaded with info.
  3. otacon, what lens/camera were you using when taking the clark tower picture? Thanks.
  4. Anyone applying for a Tennessee driver license as of May 29, 2004 must show proof of either U.S. citizenship of lawful permanent residency. This new law requires that anyone issued a Tennessee driver's license since January 1, 2001, as well as first-time applicants, be required to provide documentation they are either a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident at the time of their first renewal. In these instances, you may not renew by mail or by the internet; you will be required to visit a Driver License Station.
  5. http://www.iccsafe.org/government/adoption.html A lot of counties in TN do enforce the 2003 building codes; http://www.livescience.com/forcesofnature/...new_madrid.html
  6. Mods, could you consolidate the above earthquake preparedness posts to start a new thread? We didn't want to scare our potential new Memphians away! Where is the Overton Square? Is the malco Studio on the Square on that same SQUARE as well? How far are they from the Cooper-Young area? Here, the Cooper refers to the S/N Cooper St. in midtown or the Sam Cooper Blvd? Does anyone have a map to indicate physical locations of them altogether? Many maybe confused with the locations just like me... Thanks.
  7. Government sure can prepare by enforcing the right building safety standards. St. Louis on Wikipedia devoted a paragraph on New Madrid fault; nothing on Memphis Wiki. When referring to Hickory Hill area, where exactly do you mean? It is around the Hickory Ridge Mall area? How diverse is it? Thanks! Happy new year everyone!
  8. http://www.greatdreams.com/madrid.htm ....And people in Memphis, for example, would be caught unprepared. "They really don't think that (quakes) are a threat because they haven't happened in a lifetime," Mueller said..... ... Geologist Arch Johnston, who heads an earthquake center at the University of Memphis, has predicted that a magnitude 8 earthquake could occur in the New Madrid zone every 550-1,000 years. Because of shock effects, such a quake could cause tens of billions of dollars worth of damage from Mississippi to Michigan, leveling Memphis and seriously damaging St. Louis. A magnitude 7 earthquake could occur within 50-100 years, and one registering magnitude 6 could occur at any time, according to Johnston's forecasts. The Geological Survey hasn't made specific forecasts, but its hazard assessments are similar to Johnston's.,.....
  9. You are very welcome! And welcome to the Forum. To all, Some rumor on another forum says Memphis could have an earthquake worse than any quake CA has ever experienced due to the very soft ground in our area, on "one of these days". How reliable is this? Does U of M have a satellite campus in Gmtown or Collierville?
  10. Thanks so much everyone for your nice reply. I plan to start with the new company at the end of Feb 2007. When should I fly into MEM to look for apartment? How bout 30 days ahead, or more? I'll be working on Winchester/Hacks Cross. Is the commute bad enough if I live downtwon/Mud? Some apartment around work cost >800$ a month for a one Bedroom. I think it's overpriced but they seem to have a 'ready' market. Midtown will be closer to work as well as activities. I checked the memphis crime site, the crime statistics around Midtown is MUCH worse than Mud or Hack Cross/Winchester. I know statistics can be misleading but exactly how is Midtown? Let's put it this way, is walking around Midtwon at night strongly discouraged? I will be moving to Memphis regardless . But I need to make informed decisions beyond that.
  11. How about Mud Island? Are the Bluffs protecting the island, or the island is high by itself?
  12. Trying to decide between renting and owning. Where should I START my research? For Buying, location wise, looking at downtown, collierville, and DeSoto, what are the average price ranges for these neighborhoods? I know there is ad restrictions here, but can someone give a few general pointers? Thanks a lot.
  13. Thank you. I entered "Hickory Hill Road" and "Winchester Road", together with city name "Memphis" and it didn't yield anything. I used full names. Am I missing something? It it even Case Sensitive??
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