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  1. A couple comments, I mean why not? Much of the world's young talent come here for their practicums in hospitality. It is a great finishing school and not even for those not in college. I'm guessing I am Reality has never worked at any of the parks. Having worked there and then being a public school teacher, I would rather have not left the theme parks. One has opportunities to move up, and if one is good one does. Plus the benefits package was better. It's not just the hourly, gotta look at the full compensation package. Including training. I can't even quantify the cost of training I received not just for free but on the clock.
  2. The most cogent quote from I Am Reality to me was "...after some research...". The trick dear one, is to do one's research before making one's conclusion. Especially when the conclusion is expected to be inflammatory. For someone as enamored of facts as you purport to be you don't seem to use them very well. Insightful analysis is the rare thing. Any intern can get you facts.
  3. How to ignore: Lesson One- Do not quote what you are trying to ignore.
  4. I do appreciate that the forum got it's own Russian troll assigned to it. That's progress for ya!
  5. 7-11: the bodegas of Orlando.
  6. You too when you gain an imagination and capacity for abstract thought.
  7. Facts without analysis are useless except on Jeopardy.
  8. Good thing I didn't make the "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying..." reference of corporate HQS, mail rooms, steno-pools and other minimum wage jobs and the passing of that business model. You'd really be scratching your head to when you said that, too. Catering to tourists. That's a business model. I call theater selling seats to butts. So yeah, making money off of tourists. How horrid. As far as start-ups, do your own investment research, why should I help you? "Blind wishful thinking," no worse than being just plain blind. And because you fly high with your perspective, seems you're missing the details.
  9. No, the body of your work makes me ask the question. I am glad you are learning about the community you have been critiquing. I see you continually asking why Orlando doesn't have something or the other, when that something or other have obvious reasons why Orlando doesn't have them. Economic Development. Other things Orlando doesn't have much: Steel industry, coal mining, Steam Engine Yards. (I'm still not over loosing the train downtown.) I'd rather have, right now, a Wozniak garage or three than a couple Toys 'R Us or Sears corporate headquarters. And I think we have them. Lake X has been resurrected, btw. Lots of specialized, even one of a kind businesses. That's what excites me. What is becoming, not what's been.
  10. I am Reality, are you the sort that when out with your significant other points out other people's style and looks you would like him/her to adopt?
  11. Any updates? I'm out on tour so normally I'd be working from time to there, but I'm going through a little withdrawal.
  12. The trope I always laugh at is the "rise in productivity means a rise in wages." Those different conclusions drawn from the same data normally come from a cognitive disconnect from established reality. Say it loud, say it often, you can change the reality of people who don't do math well or read much....
  13. Green netting is wonderfully susceptible to slitting under a reasonably sharp knife. Plus you help the site by reducing wind load... just sayin'
  14. Interesting they list the Bob Carr Theater which is not a producing entity, and not mention Mad Cow which adds to the Equity week counts. Having AEA performers at Disney and other attractions around town help a lot (dinner theaters). The Shakes of course is our area's crown jewel of local theater. Lots of talent walking around finding side projects help a lot. Like the music scene in Orlando before Disney practically purged live music from the parks.
  15. ^Will it feature the character "Brazilian Helicopter Pilot" from Inside Out? "Come fly with me gatinha."
  16. I didn't mean to compare so much as to say even NYC doesn't rely upon it's large local population to keep things popping. And if they don't, how do we think Orlando can?
  17. As I compare Orlando to the cities I visit I believe Orlando is the poster child for the lack of synergy. Other areas use all their assets in support of each other. Vibrant downtowns have tourists and event attendees walking, eating and shopping in them. The fiefdoms that are set up, both private (ie: WDW and Universal working on keeping guests on their property the whole time) and governmental (ie; OC vs the City vs Lake Nona) mean all the nodes of Orlando are 30 minutes by car away from each other. It's not New Yorkers that keep Broadway alive. Chicago would NOT still be running if that were so. Orlando area is a bunch of islands.
  18. Give Alabama some props, they are the best of the losers. A Trumpism might be called for here: I like my winners not to be losers...
  19. Boomer136


    "Maglev was floated..." a tip o' the hat, sir.
  20. Perhaps then Orlando could support more than 1 2200+ seat theater for touring broadway, and a really strong performing arts community, y'know, like Cleveland.
  21. Now if they can just get the concert hall and theater built.... oh yeah. That'll have to wait until they rebuild the football stadium.
  22. the bottom of the ballroom is unfinished, mostly storage. The secondfloor is the service corridor, but below is just storage. I was thinking along the same lines as a station could easily done.
  23. This possibility got me thinking what is going on with Lee Vista? It certainly looks like it has the room for these sorts of projects but is there some issue as to why nothing seems to happen there? Or is it wetland mitigation for the airport or something?
  24. McFaddens was really new, right? I thought they had their soft open when I was working on finishing out Sea Life Aquarium.
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