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  1. Here's another deeply disturbing and generally asinine proposal from the Reasons Foundation on how to alleviate ATL traffic... http://www.reason.org/ps351.pdf This 84 page rant proposes that the city should build two underground tollways. One that would connect the southern terminus of GA400 to the northern part of I-675. And the other from Lakewood Freeway to I-20 East. The estimated cost of these two projects? $25 Billion dollars!!! This report makes me furious for a couple of reasons... 1. The assertion that you can build your way out of congestion by constructing more freeways
  2. I had no idea NASH was even working on a commuter rail system. That's awesome! And even if it doesn't enjoy initial success it is providing a plan for the future when traffic increases. If the region can convince area businesses and residential developers to build along the lines it will eventually become successful. On a side note I'm pissed that NASH has one commuter rail line operation while the only thing ATL has done in the past 10+ years is talk about building one. I have discovered that many up and coming southern cities look at ATL as an example of want NOT to do.
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