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  1. Old gas station, vacant, turned real estate office. Gas tanks finally pulled last year? Next door to a male adult foster care facility with guys outside smoking. Very little parking. Color me skeptical.
  2. My wife and I (and daughter sometimes) fly to Tampa for a few weeks every winter (sitting by the beach as I type. We always were pre approved, thought it was we are over 65. Nope, had to take my shoes and belt off this time. I warned them, I've lost some weight and when I put my hands up, the pants might go down. Lots of laughter - pants didn't fall down Now you want to talk airports - Tampa is a biggy. Yes it has ramps from 275 but they are usually about 25-30 mph. You have to have your wits about you driving into and out of that terminal. To change the topic, how about the new c
  3. I'll be the debbie downer. An 800 foot tunnel won't do it. The current north runway is a taxiway for the future east west runway. It will be a duplicate of the current east - west. I don't think the FAA will allow a public road / tunnel under a main runway. It would need to have 24/7 security for potential terrorist incident. Next time you leave the terminal and go around the north end of the garage, look north. The existing runway is a long ways down. The tunnel will need to be at least 25 feet below the runway. Could it physically be done? Sure but wouldn't be cheap. There's absolu
  4. Current plan is to close 2 of 3 units at Port Sheldon in 2031 and the 3rd in 2040 unless the Sierra club and other groups force earlier dates. (Don't get me going on the stupidity of going to wind and solar over burning cleaned up coal - battery banks have no environmental impacts?????) The smallest unit is a peaker plant burning eastern coal. Last year I was told, they did not receive 1 train of eastern coal. The largest unit is base load plant for the midwest power grid, it runs full load 24/7 . The last or 3rd unit varies with the load demand, always running but is "turned up or down"
  5. Yes we did. We had a friendly RR north of town that wasn't anti passenger service. We looked at a Sparta - Bridge St service. We proposed a quick and dirty startup to see if folks would use the service. Now that RR is owned by a "Not on our RR" company that also owns the RR to the east. CSX doesn't want passenger w/o a lot of money which is why Holland to GR service discussion is a joke. The owner of RR to the south is supposedly receptive but NB 131 functions pretty decent in the morning as opposed to SB 131 from Rockford to downtown. You can't get folks to ride commuter rail until travel t
  6. I remember the Ada House. I was in college at the time. Note: I found out about it in the paper - I was not a customer . When I went to work in GR in 1972 I asked a couple of my coworkers (one was Asst Fire Chief in Ada at the time) where it was. "The white house in the woods" east of the bridge over the RR tracks - about the 4700 block of Fulton. When M-21 was rebuilt in 1976, the house was removed when the divided highway was installed and the road moved south.
  7. I find it hard to believe they need 4 more academic buildings. Other schools have declining enrollment. Whats different about GVSU? I would think increasing the utilization of the existing buildings would be a priority. I read a study someplace on the under utilization of campus buildings. The students and professors don't want 8 ams or 4 pms, no Fridays etc so the buildings are heated and cooled while vacant a majority of the time.
  8. He'll talk his way into the crane on top
  9. Discgrab21 has got it correct. You want major improvements like extra lanes on the freeways, new ramps etc. they have to be paid for. Also keep in mind MI has one of the highest tax on fuel because of the sales tax on fuel which goes to the general fund. 12-18 cents on $2-$3 fuel. I am not aware of any diversions to the general fund from the actual fuel tax. There are things like SOS gets $$ for collecting registration fees and and DEQ $$ for processing Act 51 agency DEQ permits but these have been in place for many years and are not big amounts
  10. First: There is nothing wrong with the formula in Act 51, 1/3 MDOT, 1/3 Road Commissions, and 1/3 cities and villages. All 3 categories have been short funded since the last gas tax increase in the 90's. Rural roads and city streets need to be maintained as well. It's just a money grab by MDOT. It was disturbing to find out that MDOT still has bonds to pay off. Second: MDOT has to get out of the idea that if the pavement gets a few cracks it's time to mill off a few inches and repave. A 1 inch repave will crack the same year, a 2 inch repave will crack in 2, a 3 inch in 3 years, you
  11. The LLC is registered to Matt DeJong, Green Ridge Investments
  12. No on both. The EB 96 to WB 196 ramp has been laid out but will not be built. The tree removal is for E 96 to the EBL ramp. What was added to the project is the work on EB 196, 3rd lane from Fuller to EB96
  13. There's a Consumers Energy substation on the west side of the street north of Leonard. There's lots of electromagnetic stuff going on there. I would think there's something wrong with the audio system in your vehicle. I drive by there quite often and I never experience any interference.
  14. MDOT was the agency that didn't think there was a need for the left turn.They had to study it first Don't hold your breath. It took decades to extend 44th St west of Kenowa to Port Sheldon. The predecessor to GVMC was pushing it. It's the only project I can remember in 47 years that was allowed to use local Federal highway dollars to purchase ROW. There is no push for what you are suggesting, thus it not likely.
  15. Not allowed in the US for the obvious reason.
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