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  1. Raildudes dad

    Suburban Projects

    MDOT was the agency that didn't think there was a need for the left turn.They had to study it first Don't hold your breath. It took decades to extend 44th St west of Kenowa to Port Sheldon. The predecessor to GVMC was pushing it. It's the only project I can remember in 47 years that was allowed to use local Federal highway dollars to purchase ROW. There is no push for what you are suggesting, thus it not likely.
  2. Raildudes dad

    Gallery on Fulton

    Not allowed in the US for the obvious reason.
  3. Raildudes dad

    New projects on the West Side

    There can't be many that actually moved for the construction of 131 unless they were just a kid back then or they are quite elderly. 131 was built in that area in 1957 - 60 years ago. I'm 67 and remember going with my dad to pick his mother up from the Dutch language service at the Netherlands Reformed church where the SB131 Leonard on ramp is today. The church was one of the last buildings left in that area. How many of those homes are still owner occupied? My wife and I lived in a 2nd story apt - owner lived downstairs on the near west side when we were first married 1975-1979. The neighborhood had lots of owner occupied homes. Same neighborhood today - lots of rental properties. If I look at the downtown area, redeveloping to the west is logical. GVSU is a big driver, the action on Bridge Street / Street area is another. So are the old factories along Seward north of bridge. If Michigan hadn't suffered the "lost decade", this would have happened 10 years ago. Most folks don't like change but nothing stays the same.
  4. Raildudes dad

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    According to the City Building Dept, there has been a demo order issued. Good one X99, LOL
  5. Raildudes dad

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    The east wall didn't look to bad before they started. Now we know who the architect was.. i looked for an engineer in the packet but couldn't find one. That might be the problem (rolls eyes). I can't believe they didn't get a demo permit but maybe the building dept said take it down, it's unsafe.
  6. Raildudes dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Whether or not you believe it, Michigan is suffering from the lost decade Both the Engler and Granholm administrations tried borrowing to prosperity for MDOT. It didn't work and MDOT struggles due to that. The recent gas tax proposal will pay off the debt over the next 4 years and hopefully MDOT will be able to do some capacity improvements. MDOT also needs to get out of the OMNG, there's a couple cracks in the surface so it needs to be milled and filled. I just shake my head when they mill and fill a road that needs some crack sealing to get more life out of the road. MDOT had multiple buyouts of their experienced employees during the lost decade and before and it has really hurt their program. They also have some personnel issues that result in people not staying in positions for any length of time. The relative lack of experience in positions also hurts their programs.
  7. Raildudes dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    My source says they are stopping at Maryland because MDOT doesn't have the money to rebuild the interchange. Same with the I-196 over the Grand. All they are doing is foundation and pier work, nothing on the superstructure. You will never see as signature bridge if MDOT doesn't get pushed by by local gov't, the DDA or Grand Action (if they still exist) All the Mlive commenters pee and moan over raising the gas tax but that is what is needed to fix I96/I196/Beltline and many other places. And then there are those that want us all to take the bus, build BTR's and streetcars.
  8. Raildudes dad

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Just going to add 3rd lane Fuller to Maryland
  9. Raildudes dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    That's exactly what should have been done if they just have to have a BRT. However, neither Byron or Gaines Township belong to the ITP so don't collect the 1.47 mills for the ITP millage.
  10. Raildudes dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    It's a different situation in SLC. It's hemmed in by mountains on the east and mountains and the Salt Lake on the west side. Development is limited to a relatively narrow corridor. Grand Rapids can develop 360 degrees from the center and traffic can enter and exit from many different corridors.
  11. Raildudes dad

    Converting Lexington street, to Private Street?

    There are legal processes to convert public right of ways to private ownership. Typically the governing agency ie Road Commission or city require all the adjacent property owners agree to the transfer. In the case of a platted ROW, the court splits it, half going to each owner unless the owners agree to something different.
  12. Raildudes dad

    Converting Lexington street, to Private Street?

    Looks like it has been properly vacated according to AccessKent. Circuit Court granted the property owners each 1/2 of the ROW. The property line goes down the middle of the "street".
  13. Raildudes dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Shared use path means multiple uses, walking, biking, roller blading , non motorized activities. The 2 largest customers of the rail line are Amway in Ada and King Milling in Lowell. The current owner of the tracks Genesse & Wyoming who own the Grand Rapids Eastern is opposed to sharing their ROW with any trail use. Ideally, there would be trail with rail like the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail west of Meijer headquarters.
  14. Raildudes dad

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    Dredging to Grand Haven is not a new idea. I read someplace that wooden piling from the previous dredging is still visible in some areas. Sand bottom, water depth of 30" isn't very deep. http://www.mfhn.com/glsdb/rivers/grandriver.html#sections
  15. Raildudes dad

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Mi Road funding 101 I routes were built with Federal gas tax funds and are rebuilt / widened with Federal gas tax funds. Routine maintenance is with MI gas tax funds. County roads are constructed and maintained with MI gas tax funds. They get some federal funding for projects, not maintenance. The Road Commissions do not get any property tax dollars There is some township funding for improvements but county roads are maintained primarily with MI gas tax funds. Cities get MI gas tax funds but usually supplement with city funds. MI gas taxes are a combination of tax and the pump and vehicle registrations. Goggle Mi Act 51 if you want more details:)