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  1. What i love the most about all this construction in this area, its fixing alot of issues that occurred 50/60 years ago with 84 cut through the city. This area took a hard hit and became a sea of surface lots and that was once a great section with housing and business's before the highway cut the city in half.Its great new life is emerging in this area and it will help the area as well. I thought the data center was were the brewery was suppose to go. Is it now going to become apartments?
  2. Is this true or just more rumors? do we have official confirmation?
  3. This is interesting I work at Aetna no one is taking about another acquisition. They are still figuring things out with Coventry's acquisition back in 2012.
  4. Has anyone heard of new leases being signed here, I looked at their website and A2 next to Teds and B4 under the new apartments have been leased out. I wonder what they are?
  5. did they recently change leasing companies? It was Blackline for the longest until recently and now they are using Chatweb? When did that happen?
  6. I took the tour on Thursday. The ones under black bear I was actually surprised how nice they were. I am not so sure about the grand on Ann street. They are oddly shaped and on the 3rd floor, one of the bedroom windows faces the Russian lady rooftop.
  7. This is from front street's website. Shows a Froyoworld next to Teds.
  8. According to both sites there's 3,400 to 6,400 feet still available. I think a few more places have been leased that we don't Know about yet. On black lines and http://frontstreetdistrict.com/leasing both state that the rest of spaces from Ted's and Infinity Hall area are reserved so I have a feeling they have been leased out. One of the sites but I don't see it anymore had the small space next to Teds as a yogurt place and I swear I saw before the space next to infinity hall has a national chain similar to chipotles. I can't find it anymore but they were there at one point. The one thing the area does need in my opinion is a bank, would make sense.
  9. ^^^^^^ And I thought Aetna's caff was bad! At least people around that area have SO many choices to go out and eat. I also been seeing a lot of food trucks around the downtown area. One of the biggest things that sucks working on Farmington Ave.
  10. Nixes opens up at the end of this month and the music hall opens up at the end of next month!
  11. I walked by this on Thursday while taking a stroll throw the city, it's coming along pretty well. I feel like this area will be the "it" place for downtown. The apartments, uconn, front street filling up will be great for the city.
  12. My boy bought out the old Standing Stone. I am suprised no one realized their was construction going on their, been like that for like a few months. Slated to open in November! I been inside and even help built. Its going to look nothing like the Standing Stone. Its going to be called One Eleven Lounge. Its going to be like kojis except no food. Its going to have a very New York Feel to it! They just got their logo made! One of the owners is a former On the Rocks Owner(which I heard is on the verge of closing).
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