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  1. AsheVid

    Haywood Park redevelopment

    Yes, I used to work in that building... they started talking redevelopment over four years ago and drove all the tenants out. Now the whole place is empty, go figure! I walked through the dead mall in Westgate today, husband mused that any empty space like that should be leased for $1 until they can find someone who will pay full price.
  2. AsheVid

    Biltmore Square Mall

    The Dillards clearing center is one of Asheville's best kept secrets. Man I love it there... The husband just got a slew of dress shirts and I stocked up on skirts and summer dresses for about $20. Parking is easy, it's not crowded, and next year for Christmas everyone is getting airbrushed goodies from the airbrush stand in the food court.
  3. AsheVid

    Aloft Hotel?

    We stayed at a Hotel Indigo in Atlanta and it was very reasonably priced for how nice the rooms were. And they allowed us to bring our (big) dog! I think the brand will be a good fit for Asheville, albeit the building style a bit questionable. But if it encourages some more growth in that direction of downtown, it's ok by me. I want to see the nearby BellSouth lot turn into something else. The parking deck is intriguing... I'd rather see a few more decks and a lot less surface parking. I love the idea of a green roof and some affordable housing along Lexington. A Ying to the Ellington's upscale yang. The surface lot is below Biltmore ave quite a bit, it seems like a great location for this project.
  4. AsheVid

    Broadway developments

    Well, drat. I'm not sure I got the right spot. I pulled over onto Starnes and shot back towards the groovy looking old market w/ the upper floor balcony. I didn't see any active construction anywhere, although it is entirely possible that I missed something happening on the other side of the street while I was shooting on the western side. I did notice that the lot next door to the market was totally surrounded by the orange fencing, as you will see in my shot, but the existing building is still standing and the site was pretty deserted. I'll check out the other side of the street the next time I am up that way. I live close to downtown so I drive Broadway quite a bit. On a slightly related note, the Reid's Creek Greenway runs through there and it has really had a facelift recently. There's some nice bike paths and landscaping and new signs, and I noticed a new multiunit building going in a little further north that looked nice. Here's a link to the photo, I'm not sure how to embed it in the message: Broadway site?
  5. AsheVid

    Broadway developments

    I haven't seen a ton of action there, but I drive by pretty frequently - I should be driving by tonight if it's not too dark I'll shoot a picture. Thank goodness for daylight savings!
  6. AsheVid

    Capital Center, Asheville

    Capital Center article In todays AC-T. Part of the new Construction Updates feature.
  7. AsheVid

    Capital Center, Asheville

    Things are finally happening w/ this. The website just launched: I can't wait to dine on the roof!