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  1. Paramaribo

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    A good source told me that well-known furniture brand is opening shop on Monroe Center. Lease is signed, etc.
  2. Paramaribo

    County to sell 82 Ionia

    Sounds like the hobo gauntlet is growing. The WMHA should move its offices from Jenison and join the fun!
  3. Paramaribo

    Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    ...or they can hang at Veteran's Park, the closest green space. Doesn't seem ideal for families, regardless of their income. Student housing makes more sense. Senior housing sounds great, especially with boomers aging out of the workforce.
  4. Paramaribo

    Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    The 2 & 3 bdrm units + onsite daycare suggests a family-friendly LIHTC conversion. Where does the playground go? In the alley?
  5. Paramaribo

    5/3 Bank to sell downtown campus, remain as tenant

    At first glance, the Old Kent building looks freaky, but it's actually an elegant structure, and it's perfect for that corner. Definitely gut the interior, but please, no weird additions on the outside.
  6. Or perhaps GR changes its mindset about automobile ownership? What does it cost to own a car if you live downtown? Per month, $200 for payments, $100 for insurance, $150 for parking (anticipated inflation), and another $150 for gas, oil, maintenance, cleaning, etc.? For a relatively nice car, is $600 per month a reasonable figure? An Uber trip from downtown to the airport (Cascade) costs about $15, so a similar commute might be $30 a day. Five days a week, outsource the commute and walk to restaurants, bars, etc. when home. Sounds ideal and costs about the same. Even if it costs a $100 more, eliminating a daily hike to a massive new parking ramp would be time saved, earned, and so on.
  7. Keeler (dusk), Olds Manor (wood panels/candelabra), Ionia (detail), GRCC (parking lot/4th), and S-Curve (night). Happy Friday!
  8. Paramaribo

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements
  9. Paramaribo

    Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    With you there, Wingbert. 82 Ionia is across the street. After Morton, that might be a good fit for Rockford with Keeler being the logical next step. If the Ellis lot goes vertical, then parking is solved for all three buildings.
  10. Our building is mostly commercial, but it also has 12 residential units. An informal census shows the potential impact of the boomers downtown. January 2013 # of residents 50+ years old: 0 # of owner occupied units: 2 of 12 # of rental units: 10 of 12 May 2015 # of residents 50+ years old: 6 # of owner occupied units: 7 of 12 # of rental units: 5 of 12
  11. Paramaribo

    Creston Neighborhood

    You're totally right. I should keep my passion in check and not knock the dude. Will stand back and see how it plays out. I don't rock the FB, though!
  12. Paramaribo

    Creston Neighborhood

    I thought he was renting it for storage, but that's a good point. Nevertheless, most contractors/parts distributors have a warehouse and parking lot that comes property tax. In this situation, tax payers subsidize his parking, and I don't blame him for taking advantage of the long free ride. What bothers me is this: the neighborhood has suffered from years of neglect, and this is an important opportunity to change that. Arlen, however, uses one-way mirrored windows to actively discourage walk-in traffic, so he's not going to lose customers either way. I hate the idea of putting parking meters back there, but it would instantly solve the problem. The other business owners are just being myopic. The potential increase in property value is a gift from heaven.
  13. Paramaribo

    Creston Neighborhood

    Just read the Mlive article. Arlen Smith needs sober up or be less selfish. His employees use most of the parking spaces in the west lot, and now he might lose his free piece of real estate. What a joke.
  14. Paramaribo

    Creston Neighborhood

    During the day, the west lot is packed, but at night it's totally empty. Employees will use the parking lots during the day; residents use them at night and on weekends. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me. (1415 Plainfield is getting a new paint job, too. A small but nice addition to the overall facelift.)
  15. Paramaribo

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    They repainted the facade this summer, so I thought there would be a few more years of the ugliness. I walk past this place several times a week, and a neon sign would tie the entire block together, including UICA and TowerPinkster across the street. A neon sign and Chew's new building? Now we're talking about a retail center. And if the police station left its lights on a night, it would feel downright safe and cozy!