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  1. JW Marriott Entrance by Brandon Bartoszek, on Flickr
  2. Webster Avenue has been narrowed. Webster Avenue Road Diet by Brandon Bartoszek, on Flickr
  3. Last weekend I was looking through postcards in a Muskegon antique mall and I can across this postcard of everyone's favorite pedestrian mall:
  4. In case people are missing this building: Crystal Cleaners on Leonard: West Leonard Christian Reformed Church:
  5. The Habitat for Humanity mural:
  6. Some pictures from May: All of my pictures can be found on my Flickr stream
  7. Nice shots, is that concrete they're pouring the beginning of the foundation?
  8. I took some pictures of downtown Kalamazoo last October and I'm just now getting around to uploading them to Flickr. Here is the first batch:
  9. LOL, that was a good one. Unfortunately I took this photo last week and it's closer to the Federal Building. Maybe it was left over from McCain's visit? He wanted to show that's just because he's old doesn't mean he's not still strong and able to vandalize public property!
  10. Does anyone know what caused this damage in Vandenberg Center? (If it is damage)
  11. Well since I posted a picture of something that wasn't new at all here are a couple more Health Hill shots taken near dusk last week
  12. I did, I guess I didn't notice them before because they didn't stand out like they do now.
  13. Great pictures Captain_Planet! Here are some shots from the same old angles. Temporary support? A dark picture but you can see how close the church addition is matching the original structure:
  14. Great update! I was out taking pictures this evening and noticed the "foil" as you call it on MSU's building. It seems like this building went up so fast because of the steel construction.
  15. I know, isn't it great!? I love that old church in the middle of the big new buildings, I hope it remains there always.
  16. Here's my contribution to the Health Hill updates. Other sizes available here MSU is really making the hill look a lot more substantial. I can't wait till HDCH rises in the middle of this view
  17. ^Interesting pictures Jamez In the morning a couple of weeks ago:
  18. Imagine how nice this view will be after the Russell building is restored: The LST front door: If I remember my history correctly this is where Muskegon's hockey team played before the Walker Arena opened in 1960. The team name at the time was the Muskegon Zephyrs I believe
  19. On the door of Hackley Library: The twins: Clay Avenue: The Amazon:
  20. More: Root Park: Mt. Zion Church: The new and improved Cheese Lady: St. Paul's Church has a new door:
  21. Some photos from Labor Day weekend: The long dead Leighton Park Fountain: The park used to have lights in the ground illuminating the area around the fountain. Today they are tiny plant greenhouses: Muskegon County Police memorial: An old building nearly forgotten:
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