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    While I don't like the direction that Paramount has taken Carowinds over the last several years, I view the company selling the park off as a bad thing. Why? Because now "Parawinds" is so reliant on Paramount themes, it will take some serious work to get rid of all the brands. Unless some sort of licensing agreement could be worked out, every movie or television related ride in the park will have to be renamed once Paramount sells out. I'd love to see the park go back to it's roots, but that would also take a lot of work. Most of the attractions from the early years are gone. I don't know what company would be willing to buy Carowinds, for that matter. Six Flags is not in the financial shape to buy any new parks, and I don't think any of the big companies like Disney or Universal would be interested in such a small seasonal operation. Cedar Fair or Anheuser Busch could step in, though Busch hasn
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    Carowinds tried "Winterfest" once before in 1983, but it wasn't very successful so they didn't attempt it again. Dollywood's Christmas celebration blows what Carowinds is trying to do out of the water.