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  1. According to Arkansas Business, Crew has closed. This is being reported in this weeks edition.
  2. I went in Lewis & Clark last Saturday evening. This store appears to be in serious distress. Poorly merchandised and there's nothing to it. Looks like the owners are pulling the plug on it, even if they don't realize it yet. Any word there?
  3. Looking forward to trying Copeland's. I noticed that the Edwin Watts golf store is now open. EWG is a great retail golf shop. They offer club repair, fitting and a simulator too. They are definitely a "category killer" for the golf business and will make a great addition to the LR market.
  4. This may be the biggest driver/stabilizer of growth in LR for the next few years. Many commuters are going to rethink the cost and sacrifices associated with living 25-35+ miles away from their job. Maybe they'll change jobs, go to 4 day work weeks or telecommute, but clearly this is going to be a big factor. If the leadership of LR can convince people from the suburbs that LR is safe and has adequate school choices, just watch the influx of people moving back.
  5. Anybody remember Kirby's in WLR? It was a NWA success, but it's lack of a bar/beer or wine didn't translate well in LR. I think Marketplace has good (enough) food, but sometimes it's nice to have a glass of wine or cocktail with dinner. Anybody know if they plan on serving alcohol?
  6. A bowling center done right would be successful in LR, especially if it were combined with an "entertainment aspect" ala D&B's for non-bowlers. Since the Professor Bowls have shut down (they were crappy and dirty) the only place left is the new Millenium Bowl in Maumelle/NLR.
  7. I'm sure they will be motivated. It's damn expensive to open a restaurant and most of them fail. Most bankers flinch when they hear "restaurant loan".
  8. Wow, this is a blow to that center. The owners made a tremendous investment, I hate that it's not working, if that is in fact the case. I've been there a few times at lunch. Always a good crowd, service and atmosphere, but very mediocre food. There are a couple of more tenants in that center that I question their "staying power", just based on what I've observed.
  9. I've never been in one of their BBQ or pizza efforts, but the first three you mention are KILLER. Would love to see one or all of them in the LR area. Maybe if the Shoppes at North Hills ever gets built...
  10. The "original" D&B's in Dallas is located in an office park about a block east of "Restaurant Row" at Stemmons (I-35E) and Walnut Hill. When it was originally developed, this was a hot spot for restaurants and entertainment. Old San Franciso Steak House, Trail Dust Steak House, Paul's Porterhouse, Chili's and others. There are a few restaurants left, but more topless clubs and buy-here/pay-here car lots now. I knew the location had suffered, but I didn't expect the interior of the facility to be so run down too. Makes me think they aren't going to be there much longer. Aporkalypse, I've been to the D&B off Central near Presbyterian and the newer one in the big Frisco mall too. We lived in Dallas for about 10 years, a long time ago and it's one of our favorite places to visit with our teenage kids. Still have a little family and lots of friends there.
  11. Speaking of Dave and Buster's, my son and I went to Dallas last month when the Razorbacks played Baylor at the American Airlines Center. The game didn't start till 7:00, so we were looking to kill a little time on Sat afternoon. We stopped in at the original D&B's off Walnut Hill and Stemmons. It was in terrible condition. It was dirty, smelly and trashy. The air conditioning wasn't working and a number of the machines were out of order. The carpet was visibly worn and the whole place just had a vibe of shabbyness. Made me think they weren't going to stay for much longer in that location, which, to be fair has morphed a great deal for the worse since they opened it too. Dissapointed in that visit to D&B's.
  12. We all had our hopes up didn't we? As it turns out, it was a Playtime Pizza location. A dissapointing one-off of Chuck E Cheese. Haven't heard anything of it lately, I wondering if it fell through.
  13. Is Trademarks still around at all? Since the original owner sold it, it seems like it has moved at least twice, not sure where it is now.
  14. Add Limited Too and Select Comfort. Wow. OK, I'm going to say it. Does anyone else think this is a LAME center? Not nearly as impressive as the location should dictate. Take out Apple (unique, but a very limited appeal) and this center looks just like every other C minus shopping center. Where's Claire's Boutique, Regis Salon and Sbarro? Very dissapointing so far.
  15. Yes it is an outlet mall, but very well done. In the same style as Shackleford Crossing ("streets" between the shops, etc) The night we were there their symphony was playing an outdoor concert by the river.
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