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  1. FlaNatv


    I heard that if Orlando got this CSX deal to go through that it would help Tampa and Lakeland get rail transit. I did not here how that would work out though. If you have more freight demand on those rails in Tampa-Lakeland how is that goning to leave room for Transit? Sorry, if I missed the answer on a previous post. The word did not get out here in Tampa as to HOW we benefit.
  2. FlaNatv


    Hopefully, this proposed Commuter rail will be such a success that it will be quickly extended to Tampa. Also I'm hoping this will encourage Metro Tampa Bay to develop CR on much of it's own existing rails. After proper links to other transit lines are established and after the general public gets used to this type of transit system then maybe we can approach the HSR issue in Florida again.
  3. I have seem the rendering and propasal listed on various sites for probably two years. The proposal must be stalled waiting for the right financing and time. I think because it's purpose would be office space it is being delayed. There is no room for it on the market currently. That building would be a great addition to the skyline. It even looks better than the Trump tower.
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