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  1. So, we have gone from the possibility of Winston-Salem signing up to have an MLS team to that city being skipped for a USL Division 3 team in...High Point? http://www.wfmynews2.com/news/local/united-soccer-league-considering-hp-team/463772840
  2. Now that the transit plan is reality, some points: 1. Perhaps the entire Go Raleigh bus system is in need of an overhaul—maybe a renumbering/renaming of routes or a mere separation of the Frequent Network Corridor from the basic network 2. To my knowledge, #13 and #22 have had 30 minute frequencies since at least the ‘90s and neither has seen an increase while #1 and #7 (both up from 30 minute peak and 30 or 60 minute off-peak frequencies) have in addition to #15 (I still remember then-mayor Meeker saying back in 2002 that #13 was one of the city’s busiest routes in addition to #15). Perhaps, a tweak is in order for some South and Southeast Raleigh routes so that residents’ concerns are alleviated 3. Right now, the busiest route in the state is Charlotte’s North Tryon Street that runs every 10 minutes all day. Both the BRT FNC routes must contain routes that run every 5 or 7-8 minutes during peak hours. Radial routes outside of the FNC need to be increased to 30 minute headways outside of rush hours 4. Some FNC routes—like the Glenwood Corridor with #6 to Townridge S/C and #16 to Rex Hospital--will have segments that continue on to other parts of town 5. The biggest question: Once the BRT and Frequent Network routes are up and running, where should these routes originate: Moore Square or Union Station? 6. The second biggest question: Should FNC routes interline with each other, with less frequent Go Raleigh routes, or not interline at all (the BRT routes may naturally interline with each other)?
  3. I-74 around Winston will be built earlier http://www.journalnow.com/news/local/eastern-leg-of-beltway-gets-accelerated-timeline/article_7cda1feb-4552-5d05-9c3a-8aad72aa2d94.html
  4. Based on the plan, connecting bus service between Charlotte and Columbia is more of a priority to NCDOT than anything related to Asheville service, be it the long-stalled rail project or the planned Amtrak feasibility study to conduct Thruway service between Salisbury and Asheville.
  5. http://www.hpenews.com/news/business/x761904222/Closing-in-on-a-mass-transit-milestone
  6. People just don't learn and they'll be the same people crying about price gouging when oil gets back to $60-70/barrel
  7. Talk about disappointing! Given how crowded and crappy the current Charlotte station is, one would have thought that there'd at least be some foresight to build a scaled down version of Gateway Station. NCDOT should have planned Charlotte-Douglas Airport as a relief station until Gateway could be built--Harrisburg is only a small step. The delays to Piedmont expansion makes me wonder if those funding issues are the reason for them because the fact that neither the fourth nor the fifth frequency will be rolled out on time makes no sense. If the state's leadership--DOT, General Assembly, etc--don't watch it, NC could go from being a leader on rail to becoming a laggard.
  8. Back in April, I'd have been glad if the head (Coble) of the snake were decapitated, but the fact that voters killed the entire snake is even more astonishing. I remember that back in '97-98 when the 12th Congressional District had its lines changed frequently, the General Assembly had a rule that no county could be have more than three congressional seats, and this practice was honored throughout the '00s. However, the current maps show Durham County with four congressional seats--1st, 4th, 6th & 13th!
  9. http://www.news-record.com/news/high-profile-acquisition-for-the-greenway/article_1c869560-5577-11e4-9348-0017a43b2370.html?mode=jqm#.VEEopTKW0j4.facebook
  10. kdub1

    I-26 Connector

    And now, some not so positive views
  11. I don't know about McCrory being one and done: you have to remember that for all of the talk of how "progressive" NC has been, the truth is that this state is actually a laggard. This state was the last Southern state to complete the Nixon-Reagan realignment. For years, people talked about moderate-to-conservative business Dems still being in control of the party. Once Jim Hunt retired and Erskine Bowles fell flat on his face--twice--that business wing slowly switched parties. It's likely that the business wing of Democratic Party has completely defected to the elephants (hence, the realignment that started in 1968 nationally finally completed its course in NC in 2012). If anyone ousts McCrory, it will be done in the primary by people who genuinely believe that the idiots in the General Assembly haven't done enough damage . As a result, I don't think that Meeker's going to run in '16. Instead, I truly believe that Roy Cooper is setting himself up to be the sacrificial lamb in two years' time. Once, the state has seen how ineffective McCrory has been for eight years, 2020 could be a bad year for Republicans.
  12. http://triad-city-beat.com/1618-to-open-restaurant-in-downtown-greensboro/ I used to go to the Book Trader until it closed in 2006. Glad to see that the building's will finally get used again.
  13. kdub1


    Expansion may be on the way sooner than later
  14. While the state waits for a reliable intercity passenger system, Central Florida has its act together.
  15. kdub1


    When it comes to the numbers, my guess is that the Orlando Amtrak station brought up the rear because residents still think of the Sligh Boulevard station as "the tourist station" and continue to stay away from it. If the FDOT and the winner of this year's gubernatorial race get off their backsides and implement intercity service statewide, they could designate #3 Church Street, #4 Sand Lake Road, or #6 LYNX Central as "the local Orlando station."
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