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  1. I can see myself spending a lot of time there!
  2. Not sure about Initial Q, but like the Underpin name. I also noticed that the owner of the Piedmont Blood bank building presented a plan to the design review board. Interesting about the short term rental concept for the 2nd floor. HERE is the article from the HJ.
  3. Read on Facebook (which we know is always true) that Wild Wing Cafe has now decided to stay in their current location. Anyone heard anything?
  4. I would have thought Sidewall Pizza would have started their interior work by now. Nothing has happened in a while. Any insights?
  5. They are now drilling in FBS's lot across the street...
  6. Watching the "Walk Ons" Independance bowl and remembered that Drew Brees wants to bring that restaurant to Spartanburg. The Wild Wings building could have that New Orleans look. Thoughts?
  7. Heard that a Brazilian steakhouse may be interested in one of the spots. Didn't believe it. Anyone else heard this?
  8. Traffic is back to normal on Church Strret and St. John is close. (If this rain will stop)
  9. That could be awesome! Hope it comes to fruition.
  10. Was there any discussion about extending Converse Street back to Daniel Morgan? With the apartments on one side and potential home sites on the other, it seems logical.
  11. This area behind Barnet Park has become a haven for our homeless population. Would love to see this happen and agree that Converse needs to be extended back to Daniel Morgan!!
  12. I love Bar 1884. I wish they would have left "bar" out their name though. I've had several people tell me they didn't know they served food. They just thought it was a bar. The food is great so hopefully word will spread.
  13. While I would object on purist terms, I hate the current location and would welcome any improvement....
  14. It looks like they are painting them the same color green as the replacement windows. It will look great, but I'd rather see the copper.
  15. Had lunch at Bar 1884 today. Loved the outside dining! I wish they had more lunch options, but what we had was great.
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