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  1. Sparkle City Eateries

    Starbucks is great when you're out of town and want a decent cup of coffee, but I'll still walk by it and go to the Coffee Bar. Their competition for me will be when Spill the Beans opens because it is closer walking distance.
  2. The Montgomery Building

    Drove by the building this morning and it looks like they are starting to put some panels on. They have started at the front corner near the church.
  3. Sparkle City Eateries

    So,it looks like The Farmer's Table will be more moving from their current location to the old Zarza restaurant on Daniel Morgan. I think this could be a great fit, because it doubles their footage, and is an established restaurant. Looking forward to the new location.
  4. Sparkle City Eateries

    Grading has begun for Fr8 Yard! Can't wait to see how's this turns out.
  5. Spartanburg residents are very suspicious when it comes to taxes, but I hope they realize that a 1 cent sales tax hits everyone, including visitors etc... It's the best way to fund facilities that are SO needed. My only wish is that they do it right and not cut corners.
  6. Downtown Projects & Developments

    There is a notice on the FR8 Yard site regarding the application to allow alcohol sales so hopefully this project is still moving along. I wish they would hurry up and start! Can't wait....
  7. AC Hotel on West Main

    Hear a rumor that the restaurant and bar on top will be another Rick Erwin's concept. Any thoughts or confirmations?
  8. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Any updates on the FR8 Yard? I know they had to do some redesigns, but I would think that they would want to start soon with summer approaching...
  9. The Montgomery Building

    I think they are exact replicas of the design, but with newer formulas for the concrete. Also, do you think that they are having to expose more in that section because they are installing an interior stairwell to replace the one they tore down?
  10. Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Is there some back story that we don't know about? It really seems as if the Clevelands want this house torn down.
  11. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Just in time for summer, downtown is getting a frozen custard shop. Abbott's frozen custard is coming to 100 East Main.
  12. The Montgomery Building

    So happy to see that they closed on the building today. Now we will really start to see some movement!
  13. Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Good to hear that the city is talking about the intersection at Liberty and St. John's. Hope they make that area more pedestrian friendly.
  14. Westgate Watcher

    Ok, which hotel is currently under construction at Summit Pointe? Residence Inn or Hilton Garden Inn?
  15. Downtown Projects & Developments

    I love this concept. Naturally, I wonder about cold/rainy days as well as the upkeep and security for all the tvs and games. That being said, if anyone can pull this off, the Cribbs/Willy Taco guys can do it. They have a knack for putting their finger on the pulse of what works in restaurant concepts. I also saw where it was described as a beer garden. Like the idea but I hope it would also be family friendly.