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  1. So in looking at headlines it looks like this was given a green light to proceed. Anyone have any other details? I don’t subscribe to the HJ…..
  2. Thanks for the pics! I’ve been so confused by this. I first thought it was just prep work for the Fairfield, but I think you’re right. It even looks like there is going to be a handicap lift beside the stairs. Can’t wait to see what it turns out to be…..
  3. Hope so, but will be a tall task. Back before the renovation, I heard that the auditorium was basically put on a “black list” due to poor backstage accommodations. By the time we remodeled, the Peace Center had pretty much cornered the Broadway market….
  4. I may have missed it, but does anyone know what is going into Royce Camps building besides SmallCakes across from the AC Hotel? it is being up-fitted for a restaurant, but I can't remember if one has been named.
  5. It is absolute uncontrolled, unguided, rampant growth. The county should be embarrassed.
  6. Looks like Nautilus Fitness may try to fight the eminent domain sale. I’ve seen some post shared on Facebook asking people to contact the city and county councils letting them know what a hardship it would be…
  7. Par grading was at the site Thursday unloading big concrete drain junctions. Maybe we can see some dirt moving soon.
  8. I know it’s probably a pipe dream, but I was having supper at Level 10 and was looking down at that site thinking what a great location for a ballpark. I know it’s been discussed before….
  9. Don’t think so. The gym needs to be the first thing built, so I think they’re trying to get approval for that first. Then they will come back with the rest of the plan.
  10. Good to see. I was all excited to see utility work today going on the other day and then it stopped. Hopefully, it was just preliminary work….
  11. They are actually starting on moving the utilities today! PS. They are blocking one lane of St. John so avoid if possible.
  12. Is there any talk of realigning Silver Hill Street? I wish there was also a way to make it two way up to the Marriott.
  13. This is more encouraging than the Gibbs proposal. I think he had great ideas, but not the funds/capital to make it happen. I do hope they can align Silverhill Street and make it two way up to Church Street by the Marriott.
  14. I actually saw a Duke Energy SUV on the site yesterday with some engineer looking guys walking around the poles. Hope that's a positive step for them to get start moving utilities. Fingers crossed....
  15. Looks like the church approved this today. It is a 34 million project. They will start on the gym first so they can tear the old one down for the education building. Construction could start in late July. Said they are working with the city on a few design issues mainly the green & parking space at the corner of Main and Converse.
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